About Me

Hey there and welcome to La Vida De Lizzy!

I am Lizzeth, but also known for other nicknames. I live in Riverside, CA  but my second home is San Jose. I am currently 21 years old and I am a struggling college student. Top 3 Facts: I'm a lipstick addict! My favorite thing to do is dancing. My favorite pastime is napping 😇.  If you've made it this far I want you to know this: I am a beginner blogger and I like to act like I'm doing it right. My blog is for me to share my life and opinions with you. At times it will get personal on here; you'll learn about my family, friends and even problems. You'll also learn that I am a woman that thinks I have life figured out. You'll learn that I like to eat out and try new places and the fact that I have a hidden love for makeup. I like to do reviews on here as well because I want to save you money or tell you to splurge on something great. So read and enjoy! 

Thank you for reading! 

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