I came out of hiatus.

by - May 11, 2018

Hi friends,

I've found my way back to you guys. I unintentionally took a break, a break that lasted a cool minute. I was caught up with school and personal life. It all at some point caught up to me that I had to focus on other things.

Throughout my break, I learned a lot about myself whether its positive or negative. I promise myself that I will be become a better vision of myself. Everything is a work in progress and I had a couple of highs and lows, but I'm alive.

I'm back and I want to thank you for you patience will I work on getting my blog back up. There's new ideas and ventures, so lets to whats come. Stay Tuned,

Events coming soon:
-Sister's Quinceanera 
-Summer School
-Baby Destiny's Bautizo
-Summer Activities

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