January Favorites

by - January 28, 2018

Hello my fellow friends, this year I'm doing this something a little different. I was inspired by all types of bloggers for monthly favorites. I figured since my monthly goals are gone; they shall be replaced. With that being said, here are my top 5 favorite and most used items of January. 

GucciGG0010S || I hate choosing favorites, but I think these are my all-time favorite from my sunglasses collection. These were the only pair in my purse this month. I love how big they are so it covered majority of my face. (Loved it especially on my no makeup days or gym days) Also love the fact that they are the color black; which you can easily match it with anything AND the best part is that you can dress them up or dress them down. They are my go-to pair! *heart eyes* x3.

Everlast F.I.T || I've been going to the gym heavily this month and I went to Ross not to long ago just to "look" around and I found this slimmer belt. I've been looking for a slimmer belt and the fact that I found it for $5 was probably the best thing ever, thank you Ross! Beside it being my favorite purchase of this month, I get such satisfaction and good use from it. The best part is taking it off and seeing all the sweat. *heart eyes*

Lush: Breath of Fresh Air Toner || So, I never used a toner before until now. I'm trying to get into a skin care routine and I picked up this toner because I heard good things about it and I've been loving it. Every time I take off my makeup with my makeup remover I got in with toner and I don't realize how much makeup I still have left. (which is nasty!!) This toner helps with removing excess makeup. I also love how refreshing and soothing it feels. This has become a holy grail and thats a lot to say since I have sensitive skin.

Eva-nye: Mane Magic 10 in 1 primer || I received this hair treatment in an influenster voxbox months ago. I'm on a strict diet for my hair. All I really do to my hair is wash it everyday and use the same shampoo for years, that's it. No extra oils and condition when I buy the 2 in 1 shampoo. However, a couple of weeks ago I just saw it there and I decided to use it since its a 10 in 1. I sprayed it as soon as I got out the shower and I noticed such a huge difference. Once I started brushing it, I realized that it detangled my hair. Two thumps up. It also has a citrus scent; which smells good. Throughout the day my hair was shiny (in a good way). I felt like I was in a hair commercial. It was soft and shiny and no frizziness. It gives me a "Good Hair Day" every single time I use it.

UGG || I don't completely mean UGG the shoes, but the store itself. In December, I decided to quit my old job due to my unhappiness there. I was fortunate to be able to find and get hired fast. I started the new year with a new job and I love it. My coworkers are nice and the job itself is easy. The only little problem I have is that my feet hurt after shifts, since I'm not used to wearing UGGs boots. Other than that, its been a favorite.

I hope you enjoyed my favorites for this month and thank you for reading.
Do you have any January Favorites? If so, what are they?

Liz ♥

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