Hello 2018

by - January 17, 2018

Hello 2018,

We are weeks into the new year and somethings never change. No new year, new me bullshit. Its more like new year, better me! I reflected on 2017, here. I made a list of 7 items that I would like to work on. Of course, these are things that are reasonable and in hope to help me better myself and my everyday life.
  1. Build a new wardrobe || I am currently working on a new wardrobe because I felt like my pieces of clothing are old and I often feel like I repeated many outfits; which there is nothing wrong in doing so. I just need a new style that represents me, and that can help me drift away from t-shirts. Yes, I've been pinteresting! 
  2. Go to the Gym || I've been having a gym membership since October 2017 and I honestly probably only went a total of 10 days in 2017. In the past couple of weeks I've decided to dedicate more time to the gym. I need it anyways, *eye roll emoji* So, I hope I can keep this up. 
  3. Pick my arguments || I wouldn't like to say I like to argue, but I do tend to argue, A LOT! You have no idea! But I do agree, that somethings are not even worth arguing or even wasting my time on. So, I definitely need to work on picking my arguments along with thinking twice before speaking.
  4. Save money || Biiiiiitch, in 2017 I literally spend my money on anything and everything, no joke! It was pretty bad. I always said I was "Broke Happy" after a big purchase; which I was but damn. Majority of my money was spent on food and makeup last year. This year I am trying to save money and only buy things if I NEED it. More NEEDS less WANTS. 
  5. Self care || More "ME TIME," no explanation. 
  6. Travel outside of California || In 2017, I did three big trips and I need more! I've been wanting to go on more travels. I love to see and experience different areas, cultures, food and scenery! I already have places and potential dates in mind, but everything is in the works. If you have any recommendations, let me know. 
  7. Work on my time management || This is a huge problem of mine. When I don't manage my time well I end up frustrated, stressed, and angry. I'll sometimes just lay down and not even sleep or cry. My time management is very poor and its definitely something I need to work on this year. 

With the being said, I hope you have goals for yourself this year and achieve them and if you do have goals for yourself, what are they? <3

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