Hora de Chisme: GIRL, Let me catch a break!

by - November 27, 2017

Dam! Welcome back everyone to a new Hora de Chisme blog post. It has been two months and three days since my last blog post. That's 64 days, 1536 hours. Where has the time gone?

I can't even begin with what's been going on during that time. Many changes have been happening,  some have been good others not the best. I've been dealing with a lot of family (They're all healthy and I love them all), school and work issues.  

I completely failed with my blog. I thought I was going to be consistent, but oh my god wrong was I. BUT HEY! At least I was honest and I knew I was going to lag, but dam this much and for this long? Yeah, I know. I'm disappointed too.  

The reason why I had to take a break for 64 days is because midterms were coming up and I had to dedicate my time to studying. Once I took the midterms I was trying to come back on to my blog, but I also had work. At the time, I was working hella hours. Something I wasn't happy about, so I had to cut back on them. So, just when I thought I was going to be able to catch up with my blog....boom! Something happened with my family and it took some time to deal with it and next thing you know the second round of midterms was here. Next thing you know here am again, trying to make up for everything and squeeze 64 days of information in one post, but I'm not. 

Things I've done in the past 64 days: Spoiled myself. Been going out to clubs (not normal for me). Saw Banda MS Live! Visited my family. Gaby's Baby Shower, SF Boo, Made new friends. Been hella M.I.A. & Finally, Been a BAD BITCH! 

As of today, 2 and half more weeks and I will be done with Fall Semester. Yeah, hella fast huh? Everything healthy, work, and school is going okay some things can be better but not complaining. For the family aspect, many changes for everyone. Its definitely something I will probably go into depth in the future but as of right now, I'm pretty heart broken. No promises.  

HOWEVER, I will be more active soon and I will be able to balance my time. With the being said, my one year anniversary with my blog is coming up! *happy dance*  I will improve my blog within time, watch! 

Since my one year anniversary is coming up, I do want to sent out little cards to my subscribers and followers. So, I will be sending emails out! Keep an eye out for that

Until then, You'll hear from me soon on here! 
I'm more active on my other social media though. 
Snapchat: Liizzzeth

Yours Truly, 

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  1. Girl! I thought I was the only one taking this long break. I swear where did time go! So glad to see you are back too and I can't believe its going to be a year since you started blogging! Congrats!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart