August Monthly Goals

by - September 01, 2017

So are we going to act like I've been M.I.A? I know, I do apologize. But I'll explain in details in the end. I just realized it's the end of the month and I swear that this was the longest month of the year so far! It's CRAZY! I also know that I am a day late. So lets get to it!

-Meal prep for a week
-Writing a poem. 
-Explore something new.

  • MEAL PREP FOR A WEEK. Unfortunately, I didn't get around meal prepping because of lack of funds, time, and space. I know its not a valid excuse, but I know for sure before the year ends I will meal prep for a week. AND when I do I'll posted on here. :)
  • WRITING A POEM. I recently wrote and published my poem on my blog: A Friendship Poem At the beginning, I was hesitant about publishing my poem because I thought it wasn't good; since I don't write poems. (sweat face). But, hey I achieved a goal. Did you read it? P.S I still don't think its good. 
  • EXPLORE SOMETHING NEW. Well, August was a month full of new things. For instance the fact that I went to New York for a week and experienced and explored new places. Here are two blog posts I have of New York in case you haven't read them: New York post 1 and New York post 2. This month I also went to the Gilroy Outlets. I know, I know. I've lived here in San Jose for about three years and I never been to Gilroy Outlets until now. Everything and everywhere I went and tried was good. 

Although, everything went well except meal prep it was a good month to achieve 2/3 goals. However, a reason why I've been M.I.A is because of the trip and moving. When I moved back to SJ I didn't have wifi, but until the past couple of days; so it was hard to get some work done. Plus, I am working and going to school. So bare with me while I upload August posts in September. But until then I'll see you in a couple of weeks for another monthly goal posts. 

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