New York | Bubbles, Rain & Baseball Game

by - August 09, 2017

Hello guys I'm back and I'm pretty sure you guys are tired of me by now. I spent an entire week in New York as you can tell by my previous blog posts, Instagram pictures, Snapchats, Instagram(s) stories, Facebook posts or the fact that I went live on FB. (face palm).  Point is I'm guilty of all of the above. For the sake of both you and I; I broke down my New York blog posts by days because it was just too much to be put in one post. Since it's broken down my days expect 3-4 future New York posts. Sorry! 

So let's kick this off. 

Day One:
On August 1st, roughly around 7-ish pm (EST) both Magz and I landed in New York. I apparently landed and got my baggage before Magz, so I waited for her to get off her flight and go get her baggage, okay!? Well I waited, waited and waited. Now at this point I'm just like where is Magz (eye emoji). So we started texting each other seeing where we were at and we ended up being at different terminals (face palm). By the time, I tried figuring out how to get to her terminal she was already on a shuttle bus on her way to mine.  It legit took us an hour to a little bit over an hour to find each other. It was bad because there was a lot of construction at LGA airport. Once we find each other we are like "Okay, lets go. Lets get an Uber to the hotel." We come to find out that we had to take another shuttle to get picked up by car services. And at this point I'm just like are you freakin kidding me? We arrived to the car services pick up and realized there are letters A-J to get picked up from. Lets fast forward! We arrive at the hotel and it was breathtaking! I will not get into details on this blog post, but keep an eye out for it, smh. 

We checked in and realized it was only 9 close to 10 o'clock. So we decided to walk around and explored around the hotel. As we were exploring we realized that we were in the heart of Chinatown, but also next to Little Italy. Little Italy had a lot of little "I love NY" shops aka gift shops, so we walked through the shops and believe it or not, there were so many Italians there. After exploring a tad bit of Little Italy; we wanted Boba. Now, in SJ we call it "Boba," you know, the pearls; but in New York it goes by "Bubble Tea," which is new to us. Never would I have thought "Bubble Tea," but anyhow at the corner of our hotel there was three different Bubble Tea shops. We ended up trying Kung Fu Tea. Everything on the menu was new to me, so I had to try something different. However, trying something new can go two ways. I wouldn't say I hated it, but I wouldn't say I liked it. I just simply wouldn't get it again nor recommend it. After bubbles we decided to back to the hotel to rest for the reminder of the night. And that summed up our first night.

Day Two:

For our second but first full day; we did the following: We had breakfast at Egg Shop. Egg Shop was hipster-ish and small, but it was so cute and the people were very nice. Yet we were the only colored people there. I felt a little awkward and uncomfortable. We learned to deal with it and to expect it. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my breakfast. I ordered Chai French Toast: Dark chocolate ganache, fresh berries, fresh apples, and maple syrup. UM BOMB.COM. It was so good and the plating was everything. Although it was a bit pricey and it did not fill me up, I still recommend trying the spot!

After breakfast we went to the closest subway to try to figure out our route to the Yankee Stadium; since the baseball game started at 1:05 pm, we needed time! We ended up buying our MetroCard; best thing ever! We got the unlimited 7 day ride for only $31 plus the new card $1 making it $32. I thought it was such a good deal and of course we took advantage throughout our entire trip. So we ended up figuring out our way to the Yankee Stadium and realized we were way to early to the game. We relaxed and got snacks until the game started. While we waited for the game to start and it start sprinkling, like okay? So the game was delayed until 2:30 pm. First pitch came on. Everyone was enjoying the game and then it started raining once again, but a bit harder and then harder and harder. At this point, the baseball players weren't even on the field and the people at stadium were running everywhere! No, Magz and I weren't wearing sweaters because we didn't expect it to rain and we didn't know it was going to rain. (eye roll). We were soaked. We realized that we had to go back home, so we basically ran to the subway station from the stadium. (You know if you saw my snap stories). But on our way to the hotel we decided to get more 'bubble' with popcorn chicken but this time from Panda Cafe. I do have to say though, Panda Cafe > Kung Fu Tea. But for the remainder of that day/night we just stayed in because jet lag and time change hit us hard. Our day ended being drenched but with bubbles. 

Thank you for reading the first two days of the New York posts. Things will get hectic after these two days. TRUST ME. With that being said keep an eye out open for future posts. & you can subscribe as well so you don't miss any posts. LOVE YOU!

Yours Truly,
Lizzeth Rodriguez. 

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  1. Damn that Egg Shop, I have that spot saved on my list to visit. Girl, that 7 day pass is so worth it. When I went to NY, the first two days we kept walking or talking Ubers. I was kind of scared to take the Subway (I thought we would get lost) but after the second day we decided to get the 7 day pass for the remaining 5 days and we used the shit out of it. Definitely a must when visiting NY.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. The Egg Shop is so good. I honestly think if you were to go you would like it! YEEEES! We went through the same knowledge. We were afraid to get lost, but we figured our way around it. It's honestly like the best thing ever! & Thank you!!

  2. P.S- Really looking forward to the rest of your New York posts.