Pretty Little Liars for 7 years and I get this?

by - July 12, 2017

Pretty Little Liars has finally come to an END! 7 years, 7 seasons, 160 episodes and we finally find out who 'A,' 'Big A and A-Team,' and 'Uber A/A.D' is. Yes, there were three different groups of 'A's'. PLL is about 5 friends: Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Alison. Alison at the beginning of the pilot went missing. Throughout season one we learn that all the girls have horrible secrets. And mysterious messages begin to pour in as 'A' to The Liars. So as dirty work kept coming in and more issues kept appearing The Liars had to do what 'A' said. Until every 'A' was revealed and their motives.

Seasons 1-2: Mona was the original 'A.' She began the game with Alison and continued with 'The Liars.' Throughout the two seasons she blackmailed Lucas; which she later used him to help her with 'A's' shenanigans.

Seasons 3-6: Once Mona was revealed as 'A,' she was taken to Radley, a mental institution. And just when 'The Liars" thought the game was over another 'A' came to the game. This 'A' was known as 'Big A and the A-Team.' At the end of season 6 it was revealed that 'Big A' was Charlotte/Cece Drake/Charles. She is transgender and a daughter of Mary Drake. She felt the need to be 'A' because The Liars were happy Alison was gone at the time. After the doll house, which it was the worst time for the girls they end up finding out the truth about Cece Drake and she as well gets taken in to mental institution. And the A-Team were many people who were blackmailed by 'Big A.'

Season 7: The last and final season. THANK GOODNESS. I spent 7 years of my life watching Pretty Little Liars. I found myself breaking my head trying to figure who 'Uber A' was after every episode and season. But it finally came to an end. The series finale finally answered SOME questions. Unfortunately, I have more questions now, than I did before. "Uber A/A.D' is Alex Drake, Spencer's twin sister.

1. Why couldn't Pretty Little Liars end in season 6? Why did the directors/writers want to kill of Charlotte/Cece Drake/Charles?
I put these two questions together because they correspond with each other. In season 6 we learned more about CeCe Drake and how she's transgender and was originally named Charles. And in the season 6 finale it was revealed Charlotte was 'Big A and the creator of the A-Team.' So I was like "Okay, yay! Its finally done. We know who 'A' is, next! But no! They continued onto season 7, where Charlotte is killed and now 'Uber A' is trying to figure out who killed her. Now this my opinion, "If Charlotte got caught and taken to a mental institution; why release her after 5 years and then kill her that same night? The writers could have written her a good life and end it in season 6, but no they killed her and now 'Uber A/A.D' wanted revenge. Y'ALL GOT ISSUES.

2. Why was Ezra captured?
What did Ezra have to do with anything? Alex Drake, (A.D) made him miss his own wedding with Aria (one of the liars). Now if her thing was to be friends with The Liars, then why do something big as ruin the wedding. Like hey, 'A.D, these are the people you're trying to be friends with why ruin the wedding?' And apparently Alex thought/knew Ezra was being suspicious on whether or not it was "Spencer," now Ezra was too busy with the wedding and he was distracted. So, I am more than sure he didn't care as much as Alex thought. So, no there was no reason to capture Ezra.

3. How did the mom's get out the basement?
Okay. Seriously how did The Liars' mothers escape the basement. When season 7 returned no one mentioned it until the end. And all they said was that Pam (Emily's mom) stopped drinking for a year after that incident. So, yes. I still want to know how they got out and what possibly happened in there. So what happened?

4. Why kill Wren? How did no one notice this? How did she do it?
Poor Wren. Not going to say he deserves this because all this happened because of him, but why kill him? How do you kill someone such as Wren (working in medical field) and get away with it. How didn't no one report him missing? I want to know how she killed him and got away with it. I thought people reported people missing!? And okay, but how did she do it? Like why didn't she mention that besides the fact that she killed him and she put his ashes in the littlest diamond necklace. How do you possibly put some ashes in a diamond necklace and wear the person you murdered? The show wrote up some psychopaths. Like no? Am I the only one thinking this? okay!

5. How can "A" afford all of this?
Throughout the seasons I've noticed that 'A' is laundering/dealing with money through the entire show. All possible 'A's' are high school students or where in mental institutions. However, Alex was adopted by a wealthy family and then was back into the orphanage after they didn't want her due to her actions. And later she worked as a bartender. I'm sorry to question money motives here, but how did they all do it? I need to know, your girl is hurting. Like they bought: houses, dolls, all the dam equipment they needed to ruin The Liars, all the masks as well and the laundering money. How y'all do it?

6. Why does Mona keep Mary Drake and Alex Drake as dolls? How does Mona get them from Prison to France?
So, we all knew Mona was crazy but crazy enough to have them locked up in this doll store playing as dolls? That's crazy! Also how did she get them from Prison to France? Let. Me. Tell. You. If I was either of them this would've been me, "GUARD. GUARD. Get her out of here. Why she trying to take me? GUUUUUUARD!!!!! I AIN'T GOING WITH YOU, YOU PSYCHO." Like do you get me? I would've been kicking and screaming. How did Mary and Alex just cooperate with Mona? Also, c'mon Mona. The game is finally over. Let's move on and all be healthy: mentally and physically. But no Mona decided to run the risk of getting them to France. Why France? Also, how did she get them passports? How did you buy the store? Was Mona rich and I missed it the entire show?

7. What happened between Spencer and Toby?
OK. Yes, the entire show we saw them fall in and out of love, they even loved others, but okay now  Season 7 it's a different story. Everyone is getting engaged, married or having kids but they left us for suspense with Spencer and Toby. I felt like we needed to know what happened between them because they owe it to The Liars, and especially to Spencer. Spencer pretty much went to hell and back. She found out that she had a twin sister who was trying to ruin her and her friends, like give her her HAPPY ENDING!

8. What happened to Jenna?
Now onto Jenna. Jenna pretty much saved The Liars and yet we didn't see what happened to her. She figured out who 'Uber A' in a whiff. She talked to "Spencer" aka Alex and she called Toby in a heart beat. Like how does A BLIND PERSON figure out who 'Uber A,' but five brains put together can't? Jenna also needed her happy ending. Like will she ever gain her eye sight back? Did she move out of Rosewood? Does she get a boyfriend? Y'all need to get it together.

9. Why so many family secrets?
Honestly like how can a family hide such BIG secrets, such as, 1. They're not your real parents. 2. You have a twin sister. 3. You share brothers with this person. Like does Mary Drake not want to mention to Spencer that she has a twin sister? C'mon people. How is it that these people are always together, but don't have any type of communication. Is there no trust? Like I get it there is somethings you don't share and there's some that you do, but c'mon. They must really not be there to notice these things, smh.

10. What's up with Mary Drake?
Mary Drake. Throughout the entire show she has been with Spencer and/or against Spencer. Like is she a scam or not? Let's not forget she was scamming Alison and plotting against The Liars. But then all of a sudden she comes into the Police Station saying she killed Archer Dunhill. She legit saved Spencer and The Liars lives. So, I'm going back and forth and just thinking to myself, is she nice or mean, so I'm confused.

11. Why was Alex targeting Hanna?
Everyone knows that Alex is jealous of Spencer; which is the reason why she targeted Spencer and Toby. Okay, but now why Hanna? Hanna was another person, who was targeted a lot by Alex. At some point I thought it it was someone from Hanna's life. But no, Alex is just doing to most. So why target Hanna so badly?

Spin offs happen to a lot of shows, a lot of good shows. Now how is the series going to ended just like that... like FR!? It ends the exact same way on how the show started off. The show started with Alison missing and now the show ended with Addison missing. Do you see the resemblance between the two names? Like can the writers be any more creative? Seriously there is thousand names out there such as Holly, Taylor, Kim, etc. Like if they make a spin off for Addison are they going to do the exact same thing, such as: 1. Have a twin sister? 2. Step parents? 3. Is she rich too? 4. Are they going to have the exact same thing that happened with Alison, with Addison? I spent 7 years of my life with Pretty Little Liars and a spin is just not right. I will not watch the spin off. So don't make it.

I'm happy Pretty Little Liars finally came to an end. It was way long over due, but it's finally done. I honestly feel like having THREE different groups of 'A's' was not necessary. They dragged the show! But this is how I feel.

How do you feel? Did you stop watching? What are you questions? Do you feel like you wasted your time watching the show? Did you love the show? If there's a Spin off are you going to watch it?

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  1. After season 1 I was pretty much done with the show. and honestly after reading this blog I'm glad I stop watching it. Would I watch a sequel HELL NO!!!!

    1. Hahaha, I'm dead. You stopped at the very beginning. *inserts laughing emojis*

  2. I would of been happy if it ended in season 6 and my same thought why ezra! Bisssh you trying to be normal and be their friend, don't ruin the wedding. Girl! You are not the only one I think the writers are psychopaths. Omg the money yes! I was like how does she have so much money and the brain to built all of these traps and places and dont get me started with mary and alex being in France stupidest thing ever. The writers are both psychopaths and stupid.

    I am so happy it over now. I feel this last season dragged on too much. In my opinion I felt kind of bored at times my boyfriend totally called out the ending he was like watch another twin will pop out, not including the twin babies too! It should of just ended in the 6th season I would of been much happier. I felt this lasts season left me with more question than anything and I will most definitely not watch a spin-off if it happens.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. I'm happy its over as well. Ending it with season 6 would've been great. I think with time the show became to predictable. The writers could've done better, such as not put the scene of them in France. Ugh, oh well. No more Pretty Little Liars and no spin off for me either.