Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette

by - July 05, 2017

The biggest buzz of the month of June next to KKW beauty line, The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette. I want to start off by saying 1. I never owned anything by Morphe. and 2. I did not know who Jaclyn Hill was. I've heard of both Morphe and Jaclyn, but never really looked into. I came across this palette on Instagram. The color scheme of the shadows caught my eye and the more I looked into it, the more I liked it. So, I decided to get my hands on it. I did research of course and found out this palette took 2 YEARS to make. Jaclyn wanted to perfect it and Morphe of course let her take matters into her hands. The palette consists of 35 brand new shadows for a total of $38. 
The packaging is a little to simple for my liking but its okay. The packaging is all white with silver lettering. On the front it says, "The Jaclyn Hill Palette" with "Morphe" on the corner. The back has four pictures of Jaclyn Hill with a little message,
"Creating this palette has truly been a dream come true for me. Morphe gave me full creative control and allowed me to customize my dream palette for everyone to enjoy! Every shade was customized by me and I really hope you guys love it as much as I do! I wanted a range of neutrals and pops of colors to accommodate all skin tones. I put my heart and soul into this palette and I hope my pickiness pays off! XO Jaclyn"
Once you take off the sleeve, you come to the palette. Yes, the front of the palette is exactly as the sleeve but the back has "MorpheXJaclynHill" with Jaclyn's initials all over the back, "JH." The palette is made out of cardboard and not plastic like the other Morphe palettes.

This palette is dedicated to all my loving subscribers xo Jaclyn
The palette itself. 35 shades of so much color. Unfortunately, the palette itself does not have the name of the shadows. BUMMER! I know its not a big deal, but I feel like I need to have the names. Yes, I know many palettes don't have the names on them, but many have it on the back of the palette. There is a little flier with the names of the shadows, but I lose things so quickly. *sad face*

The first top row swatched:
Left-Right: Enlight, Beam, Silk Creme, M.F.E.O, Faint, Sissy, Little Lady
Enlight: Satin shadow
Beam: Frosty shadow
Silk Creme: Satin shadow
M.F.E.O: Satin shadow
Faint: Shimmer shadow
Sissy: Duo Chrome shadow
Little Lady: Shimmer shadow
The second row swatched:
Left-Right: Creamsicle, Butter, Pooter, Pukey, Hunts, Firework, Queen
Creamsicle: Matte shadow
Butter: Matte shadow
Pooter: Matte shadow
Pukey: Matte shadow
Hunts: Matte shadow
Firework: Shimmer shadow
Queen: Foil shadow
Third row swatched:
Left-Right: Obsessed, S.N.B, Hillster, Roxanne, Jacz, Buns, Cranapple
Obsessed: Shimmer shadow
S.N.B: Shimmer shadow
Hillster: Cream Shimmer shadow
Roxanne: Matte shadow
Jacz: Matte shadow
Buns: Matte shadow
Cranapple: Shimmer shadow
Four row swatched:
Left-Right: Royalty, Twerk, Hustle, Meeks, 24/7, Chip, Mocha
Royalty: Shimmer pressed with glitter shadow
Twerk: Shimmer shadow
Hustle: Shimmer shadow
Meeks: Shimmer shadow
24/7: Shimmer pressed with glitter shadow
Chip: Matte shadow
Mocha: Matte shadow
The last row swatched:
Left-Right: Pool Party, Jada, Diva, Enchanted, Central Park, Soda Pop, Abyss
Pool Party: Duo Chrome shadow
Jada: Matte shadow 
Diva: Foil with glitter shadow
Enchanted: Matte shadow
Central Park: Matte shadow
Soda Pop: Matte shadow
Abyss: Matte shadow

Now here are pictures of the "eye looks" I've done. I'm not an artist. I don't know how to  use eye shadow but I'm trying...

I used M.F.E.O, Jada and Pool Party.

For this look I used: Enchanted and Diva
For this look I used: M.F.E.O, Buns, and Faint.

I used: M.F.E.O, Buns, Mocha, and Obsessed.
The Verdict:
After watching many reviews on the palette and now having the palette in my hands its very different. Some of the shadows swatch pigmented, but two of my biggest problems with these shadows are: 1. There is a lot of fallout with the matte shadows and 2. they don't blend easily...for ME. A thing I also noticed is that with the dark shades they tend to stain my eyelids when I take off my makeup and as well as my brushes. The palette cost $38 plus taxes and shipping it can come to a total of: 48$-49$. Since some Youtubers have discount codes and you're able to use them on the palette it brought it down to $45 with some change. Do I regret it? No. I love how diverse the palette is. You can easily create so many looks. Do I recommend you buying it? Honestly, if some of these pop of colors do not intimated you then buy it and if you don't care of having a white cardboard palette or the fact that the names aren't on the palette then even better.  But if you're not going to use half of these colors then save yourself some money. Also there is 17 shimmer and 18 mattes shadows a total off 35 new shades. My favorite shadows are: Firework, Cranapple, Pool Party and Jada. & My favorite rows are: 3rd and 5th row. The palette is currently sold out but there is going to be a restock soon. So, in case you missed it the first launch and you want then make sure to be updated.  

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette
Morphe's Instagram
Jaclyn Hill's Instagram

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  1. This palette is so pretty, those colors tho! (insert heart eyes emoji) Pretty palettes make me wish I knew how to do my makeup. (insert crying emoji)

  2. Its so nice to see an honest review on this pallet. I know how this pallet has been receiving so many mixed reviews its insane. I've followed Jaclyn Hill for a few years now and I used to loved her. I've only tried Morphe makeup brushes and those are definitely a favorite of mine.

    This pallet does contain so many beautiful shades, makes me miss playing with makeup.


    1. Thank you! I still need to try the famous Morphe brushes.