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by - July 17, 2017

Hi and welcome back to another Full Face Review using my July Glam Bag.
*Be aware there is some awkward pictures*

July Ipsy Glam Bag

Products this month:
Ciaté London: Wonderwand Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner in Black.
Beau Gâchis:  Illuminator Brush
Nomad Cosmetics: Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun
Tarte Cosmetics: Rain Forest of the Sea's Deep Dive Cleansing Gel.
BRTC: Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Mask
& Gudetama bag. 

Since I really didn't receive any makeup this month I pretty much did everything expect eyeliner, highlight and lips. 

To being with I'm not much of an eyeliner person.  I would only wear eyeliner on my waterline and that was between 7th to 10th grade. I only did it for three years once I realized, my eyes look a lot smaller with eyeliner. So, I used Ciaté London: Wonderwand Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner in Black on my water line. The reason why I applied it on my waterline is because I only like pencil on my waterline and liquid liners on my eye lids. Surprisingly, it didn't make my eyes smaller. Thank goodness. It only made them darker. *first picture swatched* 

And now for my favorite part which is highlight. Luckily for me I got a Beau Gâchis:  Illuminator Brush and Nomad Cosmetics: Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun . The first picture is how the brush picked up the product. The second picture is Nomad Cosmetics: Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun swatched on my arm. The third picture is the highlight applied to my cheekbones, cupids bow and the tip of my nose

At the end of the day I usually remove my make up with either make up removers or cleansing washes, but today I used Tarte Cosmetics: Rain Forest of the Sea's Deep Dive Cleansing Gel. The top picture is how my make up looked at the end of the day. And the other four pictures were the process on how I took off my makeup. The bottom right is after using the cleansing gel. 
After washing my face I applied BRTC: Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Mask. The top two pictures is when I applied the mask and the bottom two is when I woke up and washed my face. 


Ciaté London: Wonderwand Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner in Black || I realize that when I first applied the eyeliner to my waterline, it applied so smoothly and it was very pigmented. Yes, the eyeliner is double ended; one side is the actual product and on the other side is a brush. But after a while I realized I started to look like a raccoon. The eyeliner smeared! Did I except it to last all day? No of course not, but it really only lasted me two hours. Maybe eyeliner isn't meant for me unless its a waterproof one. 

Beau GâchisIlluminator Brush || I loved the way the brush pick up the product. I was amazed. I've always sticked with fan brushes to applied my highlight but I think I might've found my new favorite. 
Nomad Cosmetics: Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun || Oh my god. This highlighter is freaking amazing. I was afraid it was going to be a little light on my complexion, because it looked yellow/white. However it applied completely different than how it looked on the pan and I am not complaining. Funny thing is that I've never heard of Nomad Cosmetics, until I received this item. And I will definitely be looking into more products by them.
Tarte Cosmetics: Rain Forest of the Sea's Deep Dive Cleansing Gel || I've actually owned this product before and I wasn't a fan. So when I saw this cleansing gel I was willing to give it another try. And yeah exactly like the time I owned it, not a fan. This cleansing gel claims to dissolve waterproof makeup. Yes it did dissolve some make up it didn't dissolve all of my makeup. After rinsing my face I noticed I had so much make up still on, so I had to go in with my own cleansing washes.
BRTC: Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Mask || This mask claims to "wake up with majorly hydrated, gorg and glowy skin" and I like to agree to a certain extend. It smelled and applied very nice. I could totally tell the glowy-ness when I first applied it, but when I woke up it was a different story. My face felt so oily and thick. I didn't notice any glow at all, I actually looked dull. However I will keep trying it to see if I did something wrong and if I could better use the product.

Gudetama bag || Oh my God. I think the bag is one of the best bags I've received since I've been an Ipsy member. Its freaking cute. I love the themed: laziness and eggs. I can feel the summer vibes through this bag and the laziness too. 

Overall July Ipsy Glam Bag? 4/5

I quickly want to add that this months shipment bag was different than the original; which is the dark neon pink bag. For this month we received a bright yellow/gold bag. (I love it!) Also I would recommend you checking out Ipsy/Cash. It's their new rewards program, where you are able to get 10%-30% cash back depending on the brand and items; and of course this is when you buy makeup. All you have to be is subscribed to the Glam Bags. Here's the link for more information: here.

Yours Truly, 
Lizzeth Rodriguez 

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  1. You looked stunning in these pictures! I loved this edgy look on you. I wish I got that Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Mask, I love trying masks. I agree this month bag was so cute! I was so excited when I saw the gold packaging. Its was different and surprising.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. thank you, I wanted to try something different lol. Same here with the masks. Yes, I think it was creative.

  2. I'm loving your full face review girl.