I got Baby Daddy issues! (Spoilers Alert!)

by - June 25, 2017

Exactly what you read. I got Baby Daddy issues and I am here to talk and vent about it. 

How can the most funniest sitcom of FreeForm have an ending like that?

Baby Daddy is an American sitcom on FreeForm channel formally known as ABC Family. Baby Daddy was first aired and released Summer of 2012. The sitcom is about Ben finding out he has a baby girl from a one night stand. Angela, (the one night stand), leaves the baby girl on his door steps with a note saying, "if he wants to keep her he can or he can put up her up for adoption." The pilot ends with Ben deciding to raise baby Emma (his daughter) with the help of his two roommates Danny (older brother) and Tucker (best friend), along Riley (best friend) and Bonnie (his mother).  

The show ran for 6 seasons equaling to 100 episodes. And each episode was as funny and dramatic as the one before. Sadly the show came to an end on May 22, 2017. Yes, I am well aware that we are at the end of June and I'm just now talking about it. To be completely honest, I can NEVER keep up with watching them live on TV. So since, Netflix recently posted season 6 and I binge watch the entire season in less than a day. *Upside Smiley Face*  I loved every episode and I love the finale, but I wish it didn't come to an end. I also want to mention that I cried a LOT during the last season. It was so cute!! 

Rundown of season 6: Danny and Riley get married and they have a baby boy. Ben deals with Emma asking where her "mommy" is. Ben finally finds the girl hes been looking for. Bonnie and Brad (Bonnie's Husband) deal with some marriage problems. Tucker reconciles with his ex girlfriend (Girlfriend now) and as well with his mother.

Reasons why I got issues with Baby Daddy's season 6 and the finale is because I have a couple of unanswered questions. 

1. What is the Riley's and Danny's baby boy's name? Like how are you going to show all the drama of Riley going into birth but not give us a name!?
2. What happens between Elle and Ben? We spent the entire season trying to get Elle and Ben to see each other again and when they do they left us at a cliffhanger. LIKE WHY!?
3. What happened to Tucker when he went to LA? He went to LA and came back not wanting to talk about it, because it was so bad and the only person he told was Emma. How bad can it possibly be that he doesn't want to tell anyone?
4. Does Emma eventually get a mommy? Emma spent six seasons without a "mommy" and when she finally wants one; like Ben get it together!
5. What does the future have in hold for all of them? We saw them all happy at the end, but what else? What's going to happen as time goes on?

I need answers!

Although, I did love the entire show and I'm sad it came to an end; I'll probably watch it all over again. (:

Now, if you haven't watched Baby Daddy I recommend you do so and I'm sorry for the spoilers. I do still recommend watching it, from beginning to end. It's so freaking funny! Tucker & Bonnie have to be the best duo there is. AND if you have watched Baby Daddy including season 6 I want to talk to you about it. What are your opinions? Did you expect more/less? Did you love it?

But until then I will talk to you later, while I go break my head trying to figure out these questions.

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  1. LOL liz your caption. ������

  2. I totally get where you are coming from! I just watched the finale for Pretty Little Liars and I am so sad and angry at the finale. I was only left with more questions!

    1. Omg! Don't even get me started on that. I'm totally making a post about Pretty Little Liars.

    2. Yes do it! I need to hear your side.