6 Months Anniversary Giveaway! (CLOSED!!)

by - June 18, 2017

Hey Readers. ♥
Today 6 months ago, I posted my very first blog!
Now if you read Everyone is asking... then you know on "why" I started my blog. & If  you haven't then I'll tell you. I actually started my blog on December 17, 2016 late at night. In December I was going through some things and I had absolutely nothing to do; which is why I decided to start a blog. I remember posting A Goodbye, but forever in my heart around 1 am on December 18, 2016, because it took me a couple of hours to get the hang of Blogger, the blog website. At the beginning I posted just to post, but after weeks passing by I realized that I really liked so I started to invest more of my time to this lovely blog.

During these past couple of months there was were some up and downs through the process of my blog. However, I wouldn't want to have it any other way. Everything is a learning process and people are going to want to put their 2 cents in. That's life. La Vida De Lizzy helped so much and I can never thank my blog for that. & Each day my blog grows! The fact that people click the links or are subscribed makes me so happy. I want to THANK those who has read, commented, liked, shared, retweeted and favorite my blog posts! & to those who texted me about my blog as well. THANK YOU! I also want to THANK my parents for being so supportive and helping me!

& Now that I have talked about my blog a bit and thank all of you. I want to share some popular posts, favorite post, favorites series and some numbers.

Popular Posts:

Favorite Posts:

Favorite Series:
I've posted 38 blogs.
I have 6 drafts.
There is currently 6 series.
& a total of 200+ pictures on my blogger drive.


This Giveaway prizes will vary since these are things I love & you'll know if you read my blog. Two movie tickets, one of my fav lipsticks and mascaras, a pair of falsies, a shot glass and an iPhone 6+ phone case. All in a cute box I made. ;)

Rules: Subscribe to my blog. That's it.
*To subscribe: Email subscription is on the top of all my blog posts.
Giveaway Ends: June 30th at 3pm.

Thank you all so much for a wonderful 6 months! I'm excited to see what the rest of year has in hold for me. & Best of luck to everyone...

Yours Truly,
Lizzeth Rodriguez

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