10 Facts About Me pt. 2

by - June 08, 2017

1. I did folklorico dance in elementary. In the 6th grade we had to learn how to dance folklorico to perform in front of the entire school + parents. I remember I wore at purple skirt and tiny little heels. & Ever since then I've been wanting to dance folklorico again. 
2. Wings & fries are my go to.  Don't even get my started on wings and fries. I will never turn either of them down; my ride and die foods! Wings & fries are the way to my heart. Mango Habanero well done wings and any well-done fries will do the trick.
3. I hate repeating myself. If you make my repeat myself more than twice, then we have a problem. & I will let you know to "forget about it" because at that point you have probably already irritated me. 
4. "Check On It" was my ringtone in the 4th grade. I had my first cellphone in the 4th grade and my favorite song back then was "Check on it" by Beyonce. Best believe I spent my parents' money on that ringtone. #NoRegrets
5. I've only had one hangover. OMG! So, I started drinking since I was around 9 years old? (Possibly younger). I sometimes would get drunk, but I would always wake up perfectly fine. BUT freshmen year of college, I was soooo drunk! That night/morning I woke up in the shower with the water running; I'm still trying to figure out how I survived. But that hungover lasted me 2 days and I wasn't able eat at all. It was the worst! & that has still been my only hangover since.  
6. I never passed my behind the well exam. (Drivers License). LMFAO! Every time I tell this story no one believes me, but here we go. So, my very first try I didn't even get to exit the parking lot because I was disqualified. I was disqualified because I hit the side walk. Two weeks later, I went again but to a different DMV and I ended up failing because I "didn't look over my shoulder." At this point my mom was mad & annoyed with me. She said that I had to wait until I was ready. & Then a week and half later, my grandpop walks in the house claiming I got ticket. My parents were tripping out until I opened it & it turned out that I had received my Drives License. Craziest part, was receiving it without even passing my exam. *DAB* 
7. I've had 3 cars, so far. When I first started driving I got passed down my mom's old car. I drove a white 1994 Toyota Corolla in hella good condition. After having it for 6 months, my grandpop wanted to trade cars. So, I gave up my 1994 Toyota Corolla and I got a 2004 Toyota Corolla Sport. & In mid march I had mentioned to my parents that I wanted a truck and they said I was crazy. But after having it for 6 months in May, my dad took me to school; which I thought was weird because I drove myself there. & After school when it came to my dad picking me up, he picked me up in my current truck now. My parents got me the truck I saw in the dealer & now that's my baby, 2007 Chevrolet Silverado.
8. I started wearing make up in the 7th grade. I began to wear mascara in the middle of 7th grade and that would be the only thing I would wear, smh. I actually didn't start wearing anything less until the 9th grade. 
9. I saw the entire Twilight Saga in theaters One day in high school my mom took me out of 2 hours into the day & we went to the theaters. We had tickets to watch the entire Twilight Saga that day. Since the second part to Breaking Dawn was premiering, they had a special. So it started off at 10am watching Twilight and we came out the theaters at 1am finished watching Breaking Dawn part.2 It was a good but long experience. 
10. I used to play soccer when I was younger. I began to play soccer when I was in the 2nd grade up until I was in the 4th grade. 2nd & 3rd I played in a league in Orange County. & in the 4th grade I played soccer in elementary school since we had moved. But ever since I started break my bones my dad thought I was too fragile, so he made me stop. Until freshmen year of High School, I started to play soccer again but once season started, I quit. 

A part 2 for my new subscribers, I see you boo boos.

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  1. Wings & fries!!! Yes! I swear I'm always craving Wings Stop. Omg you had a cell phone in the 4th grade! Crazy and I thought I got a phone early (7th grade). Mind blow, I didn't start wearing makeup until my senior year in HS and I only put on heavy emo eyeliner.

    1. Wingstop is my spot lol! Lol really? I would think like beginning of HS to middle.