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BACKSTORY: On a Sunday morning, we were on our way to Fontana running some errands. On our way there my dad hands me a business card for a restaurant, "Asi Es Jalsico Birriera." Apparently, one of his' friends recommended it and since we were in town he wanted to try it. & at this point we were all hungry, so we decided to go with it. Yes, I know this is my 3rd birria Restaurant Review.

Asi Es Jalisco Birrieria Restaurant
 Asi Es Jalisco Birrieria Restaurant; is located in Fontana, Ca.  

Outside Views.

We walked in the Restaurant and the first thing you heard was Live Mariachi. The hostess sat us down and as soon as they sat us down; chips and salsa arrived within seconds on our table along with the menus.

There's only 2 locations: Fontana & Chula Vista

I was so amazed by what was going on throughout the entire restaurant (live music, food coming in and out the kitchen, people cleaning everywhere)  that I was confused by the menu. I usually just order birria with rice and beans but apparently there's no such plate as that. I would've to order everything separate; meaning more money. #NoThankYou. I had to make my dad order my food; because I did not understand the menu AND my Spanish is not the best. So, both my sister & I sacrificed with what we got. Meanwhile, we waited for our food we munched on the chips and salsa. We listened to the Mariachi and conversated between us.

Live Mariachi
Apparently, Mariachi is only on Fridays for dinner. But when we went it was a Sunday; so Friday & Sunday? The second picture is probably the worst quality of all time, but they are in the back singing their hearts out. They charge 3 songs for $25; which I don't think its bad at all. There's roughly six members and two of them are woman. They sang well and knew all the songs people were requesting. #2ThumpsUp.

As soon as the food arrived, I got Olive Garden vibes. No? I mean they served the food right about the same, expect they didn't ask if we wanted cheese, lol.
Rundown of our food:
Top Left: Sisters' Maciza birria (Just meat and soup).
Top Right: Dad's Surtida birria (everything to bone).
Bottom Left: Mom's taquitos (she was tired of eating birria).
Bottom Right: Mine, same as my sisters' Maciza birria (just meat and soup).

Food Talk: Maciza birria was good it wasn't the best but it was good. The tortillas weren't made by hand. The birria had a lot of meat, thank goodness but it didn't feel special. My dad obviously liked his, *eye roll*. He likes anything, really. My sister & I both would choose MEZQUITAL over this. My mother mentioned that the taquitos were good, but also mentioned "it could be the hunger talking."

Our check
Once we were finished with the food, my parents asked for the check. & I kid you not my mouth dropped. My dad said "Oh that's not bad. The food was good." I immediately looked at him and I looked at my mom and I was like "it wasn't that great." I was even more surprised they charged us for refills; since they never mentioned it to us. Apparently, my sisters' & mine were the most expense because it was Maciza (only meat). I guess it was all in the menu but since I was so confused by it I didn't pay close attention. In total the bill came out to be $80 because of tip; and I regret every single dollar my parents wasted.  

Does Liz Recommend? NO! The food had nothing special to it and it was a bit priced for my liking.
Pros: Fast customer service. Live Mariachi.
Cons:  Far in distance. Pricey. Food isn't flavorful.
Out of 5 Stars? 2.5
Last Words: How I said the food was good but it wasn't great; it was nothing special in my opinion. The only cool part about the restaurant is Live Mariachi, but if you don't like that type of music then I honestly recommend saving your money and splurging it somewhere elsewhere.  The exact address:16785 Arrow Blvd Fontana, CA 92335. It's on a corner a bit hidden.
Don’t be afraid and give it a try.

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  1. Olive Garden vibes, lol. I was dying. I didn't taste the food but I agree with you, that is expensive and the charge for refill is so stupid.

    1. haha, right!!? Till this day my dad still thinks it was overall good! smh