Petty? Shade? Straight up? Take it how you like...

by - May 07, 2017

Happy Sunday! 

Hi there, this may come to no surprise to some of you and to others you may already know, but the past couple of weeks have been an emotional roller coaster and I've been dealing with a lot of dumb things...

Those that know me know that I like confrontation. If you came me with something I will confront you, but I'm at a point where I recommend to NOT confront me after this post. 

I wouldn't even know where to start off, but let me just say this may not be pretty. I am tired and done of bending backwards for people that won't do the same!

Don't @ me! 

My closest friends are flakes, fakes and inconsiderate. I was down for all of you but now things have change. Everyone has moved on with their lives & I'm just here trying to put the pieces together. I'm done. I'm done making plans with my friends and have them either not text me back or leave me hanging last minute. I'm done with being everyone's second option. First of all, fuck you no one deserves that. Also, don't hit me up the day of trying to make plans because they left YOU hanging or assume that I AM FREE. That's not how shit works around here. I will assume we all are grown and can make plans without anyone flaking. 

AND don't make me like someone just because you like them or because you have too "tolerate" them. Nah, I like and will hangout with whoever I like or want. 


Man, don't even get me started on some of the people I've dealt with. Hey I get it, you can follow, unfollow, add or unadd anyone you want. But don't be talking to me one minute and the second take me off social media just because you're "mad." Also don't hit me up because no one is willing to hangout with your sorry ass. Just don't! Oh & you? Get over your ex. 


I don't even wanna talk about how many times I've been back stabbed this fucking year alone. Words don't mean anything to me, actions do. You can tell me "nothing happened" or "it was just this ...." but know I will most likely already know. What I hate is that I have to find out by other people. Like seriously why can't people just be straight up about things? AND if you were to ask around people have been cut off because of that. I don't deal with snakes


Also, I'm tired of acting like some of my friends mom's. Like you're grown and educated; grow a pair and get to it. I cannot deal with someone who needs reassurance every single minute of their life's. I also cannot even deal with how selfish people can be. I know a few who can talk about themselves for DAYS & bombard you with their problems. Don't get me wrong thoo, I don't mind helping people and listen to their problems. BUT the thing is, where are they at when I need them? They'll feel like they have to ask how you are because the conversation is dying or because they're trying to be polite. BUT in reality they don't care because the lack of interest is shown since it's not about them. In my opinion, if you don't care then don't ask. 


On a personal level. I have been dealing with a lot of ME issues. I tried to deal with them but I just can't. So, I will be taking time off from social media. The only time I will log on is when I upload a blog since I do share them on all my social media accounts. Other than that I will be focusing on me and to be completely honest it's going to take time, but I know for sure I will cave in and download an account during the process. 


Since I ALWAYS do my rants/vents on Snapchat and Twitter I felt like taking this one to my blog. How I said don't "@" me, message me or anything becauseE I will most likely not respond if it has to do with my rant/vent. This was for me. 

Thank you for reading & stay tuned because I will be doing a giveaway soon! ❣️

Yours Truly, 

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  1. You Go Glen Coco!

  2. *Insert Snapping fingers* You go girl, express yourself! This was the realest post ever! I love your honesty. Thank you for your candor!

    1. Thank you! It was very much needed to get it off my chest!