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by - May 16, 2017

Las Vegas:

*Take a mind we planned with 2 weeks in advanced & it was a family trip, not a get wild one.

When I was 15 years old, my Godparents promised me to take Vegas once I turned 21. & Well the day came and left. The only weekend we were able to go was this past weekend, May 12-15. The trip included: Godparents, little cousin, mom, sister and I; but it all didn't go as well for me as planned. On May 9th, I was starting to come down with something and on Thursday May 11th, it got completely worse. So off the bat it was already off to a bad start. I had a running nose and a sore throat the entire trip; literally feeling like shit everyday. & to top it all off, I forgot my shoes! I was wearing flip flops and my dad told me we could go back if I wanted to go get my shoes (we were at the corner of our street). But I had said no, because I didn't want to make us late and I completely regretted it!


Friday (5.12): We arrived Friday afternoon in Vegas and went straight to Tacos El Gordo. My sister and I shared Carne Asada Fries and they were good! The pricing wasn't all that bad; the only bad thing was the ridiculously long line (up to over an hour wait). After eating we checked into our hotel and unloaded everything. Relaxed for a good hour or two and walked a bit of the strip that same afternoon. & Well, since I didn't have shoes, my sister who is 1/2 a size smaller than me let me borrow her vans and damn never again. The were a bit tight and on our way back to the hotel I couldn't make it. My feet were hurting so bad; we had to go to Ross to buy myself shoes. BUT since my feet were hurting and swollen nothing was fitting, so I ended up buying comfortable sandals. #LessonLearned. After the whole drama with my feet we went to the hotel and gambled and ate McDonalds for dinner. By 10ish I was already in bed, dying.


Saturday (5.13): Saturday morning we all went to Denny's for brunch and that was chaotic. The wait was long as well and the customer service sucked!! Going to Denny's wasn't a bright idea, but it was decent. After brunch we went back to the hotel and gambled some more. But after a while, my mom, sister and I decided to go to the pool. The pool was so packed that all you could do was stand because there was no way of you swimming in there. So we aborted that plan and decided to go to the mall. We walked to the mall that was roughly a mile away and decided to hit the food court for some crepes! & That was so disappointing. Those crepes don't compare to any of the crepes I've eaten in my entire life. A waste of 10 dollars, lol. A bit dramatic, but they weren't good. But anyways we went to the mall and shopped until we got called back to the hotel to eat dinner. We ate pizza and wings from the hotel and the wings were so bomb. *inserts crying face* After dinner we all went to M&M World & World of Coca-Cola and came back exhausted.  Pero, once again around 11ish, I was already sound asleep.

Sunday (5.l4): I woke up and bought Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for everyone, but everyone had different plans for breakfast. After breakfast and gambling we headed home and stuck in traffic for hours! In the middle of traffic I got a bad ear ache because of my cold. My ears were hurting so bad, I was literally crying, but not worry I slept most of the ride. & Of course we watched the Chivas game on the road. :) But made it home to relax.

I only lost $19.71
I walked 14 miles.
I was blowing my nose every 15 mins.
The food wasn't all that great.
Overall, the trip gets a 7.
& I also, didn't drink at all.

But a BIG THANK YOU to my godparents and parents! ♥

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  1. I have yet to go to Las Vegas! Besides you unfortunately forgetting your shoes the trip sounded like fun and I love the pictures. I hope your trip to San Jose is great!

    1. Really? I recommend stay at the beginning of the strip to be honest, but thank you ♥