May's Monthly Goals

by - May 30, 2017

Hey Lovely Readers
I am back with another monthly goals for the month of May. I felt like I haven't done one of these in forever, but then I remember I didn't have goals for the month of April. Pero like May is now over and well lets see if I even achieved one...

May Monthly Goals:
-Get a job. 
-Pay off at least 1 credit card.
-Explore a new place.

  • Get a job? Okay, I know I have no real excuses besides the fact that I'm lazy for still not having a job. But also, I made these goals not knowing what were going to be my plans. The month of May was beyond crazy from traveling to Vegas and San Jose but as well as going to Chris Brown Concert and to Graduations & as well getting sick. PLUS I had to balance out school as well. I didn't have time! *crying face* But trust me its changing in the month of June.  Month of May was a no go for this goal.
  • Haha, so at the beginning of the year I had 3 credit cards. & By April I had closed down 2 and I was left with the one that had the most credit. & In the month of May, I decided to ask for more credit AND I even opened a whole new card. So I technically did pay off 2 credit cards, but then I opened another one. Does that count? 
  • Month of May was about explore new places! It all started with Asi Es Jalisco Birrieria, to Vegas, to the SAP Center, and other restaurants throughout the month.  

Don't know what monthly goals are? What they are & why I do them.
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Feelings: The more and more I do my monthly goals, the more I feel like a failure and disappointed. My objective and goal is to actually achieve them, but noooo I fail to do so. Let's hope the month of June goes way better.

Yours Truly,
Lizzeth Rodriguez 

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  1. At least you are settling goals. That's more than what other people do (me included)

    1. That is true. I am trying it's not that I completely forget.

  2. I agree with erika you are setting goals for yourself and that alone is great, don't feel like a failure. Sometimes goals aren't easy to accomplish or sometimes they need more time. I love reading these monthly goals, I really do need to start making some goal for myself.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. 😌 I'll definitely take that into mind. & I think you should & who cares if they're big or small goals.