Hora de Chisme: Wait, I'm going where?

by - May 31, 2017

Hey Boos!
Welcome back to a little life update. I originally was posting them as "life updates" and then I decided to change them to "Chisme" but now I'm changing them again as "Hora de Chisme." I know, I'm so indecisive. But lately there's been so many things going on with my life both positive and negative. & I feel like I haven't posted a Life Update since before I left to Mexico. Its been 2 months since. So, hello and welcome to la Hora de Chisme. 

So Mexico came and left, My bithday, Vegas, and Graduations all came and left. Now, I want to tell you guys some of the things that happened in between all of them and what's currently going on now and what will be happening the next couple of months. 

Back to the beginning of March, I was going through some difficult times, depression. It was so tough trying to get out the slumped. What helped me was all the events I had going on these past couple of months. March, April and May were extremely busy! Busy from all my school work, family and friends socials and my blog. I was happy being busy, but now that its almost done I've been feeling a little on edge, but things got a little better as you'll read. 

During it all, I was feeling "done" with everyone and everything. Everyone had me all types of f*cked up. I dealt with it in a way I usually don't, I put it out there. If you read my Petty? Shade? Straight up? post, then you know what I'm talking about. Well, since that day believe it or not I've been feeling so much better about all my friendships. All my one sided friendships are out the window! & honestly I feel so much happier knowing that some toxic people aren't in my life no more. Point of my story is don't hold anything in because that will make you feel bitter, trust!

Also, in the beginning of the month of May my lovely pledge sister Monica texted me in the middle of the night saying "Can we go to Miami after New York?" Like first of all, you wild! We started talking about it and the next day we mentioned it to another pledge sister Margarita and decided we were going to go to New York. Later on we mentioned it to the rest, but they weren't down because they had plans already. So Monica, Margarita and I will be going to New York in August from 1st-8th. Our flights have been booked but our hotel hasn't, and yes we leave in 2 months! So pray for us. 

In the middle of the month of May, I received an email from SJSU something about my LOA (absence of leave). That story is long and complicated, trust me! But after sooooooo many emails, phone calls and meetings, the last week of May it became official, I will be coming back to SJSU in the Fall as a Economics major. I met with an advisor in the Econ department to go over the classes and talked about some things. I got the famous signature and she guided me through everything. I cried. Never in my entire time in SJ I received so much guidance like I did that day; I was so overwhelmed (happy overwhelmed) that I cried.  So, yeah I will be coming back to SJSU in the Fall. Also, if you're looking for a roommate or know anyone that is or knows where there are open apartments then holla at my line. (: 

Now with me coming back in the Fall, I have to take a summer course. I will be taking a summer course from 8am-12:50pm. So, more than half of my summer I will be busy. But I also, want you guys to know that making the decision to come to state was probably one of the hardest decisions of my life. I was constantly asking for peoples opinions, loosing sleep and crying. You would've thought it was an easy decision, but it really wasn't. I just know its going to be hard to readjust and come back, but I'm all for it. 

For my blog, things will change too. I will probably be posting less once I go back to San Jose only because I want to focus more on my studies. But I will not let the blog go entirely I will still be posting, but just not as much. 

Almost everyone that I know are done with their school year expect for me. After this I will be done by June 7th. So until then I will be somewhat M.I.A trying to get my life back together. I will not be working on blogs until then, so maybe expect one by June 8th-10th?

That will be it for today's Hora de Chisme, so Hello June and I will see you all in a little. 

Yours Truly, 
Lizzeth Rodriguez

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  1. Congratulations!!! You have come a long way. Remember "What doesn't kill you makes stronger". All you can do is learn from your past experiences​ and keep going​. 😚

    1. Thank you! 😩🙌🏼 You guys are the best support system! ❤️

  2. I love la Hora de Chisme, the name is so clever too! I hope to still see you blogging. Your posts are so fun to read. I feel like I've gotten to know you so much more! ❤

    1. Awh thank you sis! I will just not post frequently, don't worry. (: