First weekend being 21!

by - May 01, 2017

On my first weekend being 21, I spent it in San Jose.
 It went a little crazy but completely chill.

Thursday (4.20): I arrived in San Jose early morning. I dropped off my things and grabbed lunch with Gaby ("twin/old roommate/bestfriend"). We went to Pieology and on our way back to campus we ran into another roommate, Melissa. But right after I got to the dorms, I began to get ready for KARMA, a club event that my sorority sisters from Eta Chapter threw. KARMA, is all the way in Sacramento and with traffic it took us about 2 hours and half to get there. KARMA, was my first club event being 21 and I loved it. It was nice seeing other sisters and dancing tamborazo, but I wish it wasn't far.

Friday (4.21): My Big & I hung out early morning to grab breakfast. We decided to go to Mimosas. First of all, I've never had a mimosa before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. We get there and order a big mimosa and that thing was huge!  I recommend standing up to drink and honestly that's something I should've done. At breakfast there were set of rules on each table and I broke A rule. A RULE: Break the mimosa cup AND you'll get charged an extra $25. My big completely jinxed me and I ended up break the cup. FML. The guy was nice and ended up giving us a $5 dollar discount, haha. Yes it was not much, but hey at least it was something. ALSO, I ordered pancakes and those things were huge too; like twice the size of my hands. No one told me. Anyways, we somehow managed to finish the mimosa between us two and yes, I walked out the restaurant feeling it. My Big & I were deciding on what to do next and for some reason, I mentioned I wanted a tattoo. We decided to get an estimate, because we weren't down for one at the moment. UMMM, yeah lies! We ended up walking out with matching tattoos. Well its the same tattoo except different placements. "Mujeres con Cultura, Fuerza y Hermandad," the real ones will understand. Oh, but our day didn't end there: we got our nails done with Magz, visited our family (my big's family is my family too), and went to 4th st pizza.

Saturday (4.22): Banquet Day! Magz & I woke up and went to Whispers because I wanted a Crepe, but as soon as we got back we started getting ready for Banquet. We legit took 3 hours to get ready and still last minute we ended up rushing things. During the process, we waited for everyone to get to the room, so we can all head out together. The Uber ride there was something else, but aye we arrived on time and that's what matters. I sashed my Big, but that speech was horrible. Not the speech, but the way I spoke was. First of all, I hate public speaking and I underestimated the audience. It was completely nerve-racking, but look out for a future post on my speech!! *eye emojis* But overall I had a fun that night and a BIG thank you to my date, Cristian!

Sunday (4.23): On my last day, I did completely NOTHING except be in bed the entire day. Except towards the night, My Big & I  went to eat pho like always, but overall in bed, haha.

Overall, it was an amazing and a very much needed weekend, although my bank account is crying.

Yours Truly,
Lizzeth Rodriguez

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  1. Your first week of being 21 sounded like so much fun, well besides the broken glass but yay to finally being 21! p.s I'm so jealous of your tattoo it turned out really cute!

    1. Lol right? But that kind of was a highlight lol. & awh thank you! 🤗