Concert || Party Tour: Chris Brown, Fabolous, OT Genasis & More.

by - May 24, 2017

My big is days away from walking the stage & for her graduation I gifted her tickets to see Chris Brown in concert. On May 18th at the SAP Center we attended the Party Tour. Originally the show was to begin at 7:30 pm and then pushed it back til 8:00 pm, but in reality it did not start until 8:15 pm. While we waited for the show to start, we grabbed some snacks and looked for our seats. 


So, when I first purchased the tickets the line up was: Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Fabolous, O.T Genasis and Kap G. Little we I know 50 Cent had canceled months ago. I mean eyyy its all good. At the beginning they had an opener that I did not catch his name and a DJ. It was a love hate thing with the DJ. They played "slaps" but only for a good 10 seconds just to hype you up and change it to the next song. It was frustrating. 

Opening Acts
Chris Brown had 5 performers before him including the opener with the DJ. The first opening act was rapper: Casanova. See, when I first heard it was him I thought I knew some songs but I was wrong. I did not know who this guy was & to make it worse I could not understand a word he was saying. I was vibing to the beats though,  Casanova was on staged for a brief 10 minutes. The second rapper was: Kap G. Ever heard of 'Girlfriend'? 

"I just took a flick with your girlfriend. I been kickin; shit your girlfirend. I just..."

Well if you know that song then you know who I'm talking about. Unfortunately, I still could not understand a word he was saying. & that was the only song I knew of him. WELP. The third rapper was: O.T Genasis. In my opinion he sounded way better than Casanova and Kap G. But O.T Genasis is known in my book for CoCo and Cut It

"I'm in love with the coco (coco, coco). I'm in love with the coco (coco, coco). I got it for the low low. I'm in love with the coco (coco, coco)."
"Cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it. Cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it. Them bricks is way too hot, you need to cut it. Your price is way too high, you need to cut it"

If you know these songs then you know who I'm talking about. & at this point, I was starting to get into the concerts vibe. & the fourth rapper was: Fabolous. I don't think no one understands how excited I was for him to come on stage. I've listened to him since I was young. All his old songs were my jam! & lucky for me he performed all of my favorite songs. "Baby Don't Go. You Be Killin' Em. Can't Let You Go. Into You. & Make Me Better" I sang my lungs out to these songs. I was in love! & The fact that you can ACTUALLY hear what he was saying was the cherry on top. & if you don't know ANY of these songs; then I don't know what to say. 

Chris Breezy
The man of the hour: Chris Brown. His entrance on stage was amazing! He came in semi flying. He had strings attached, so he was doing air flips and all this crazy nonsense. The entire time he performed, I felt like I was at the VMAs. He put on a SHOW. He even stripped for us. He played a good mixture of his old stuff and current new songs. Out of his entire performance there was probably one song I didn't know, but other than that you know I was singing my lungs out and vibing. I will say this, he took 2 breaks throughout his performance. His breaks were roughly 5 minutes each so it wasn't all that bad. He was everywhere around the stage! I loved it! If you have the chance of going to a Chris Brown concert, take it! & His dancing was >>>. 

Mini Drama Time: In the middle of the concert my Big accidentally pumped into a girls arm. She taped her arm and apologized and somehow the girl managed to drop her phone off a tap. I didn't know what was going on, I just knew they were looking for something. & out of nowhere the girl says "you better find my phone or you'll buy me a new one" & In my head I was like "Oh hell nah, wheres your phone?" Next thing you know 3 rows were looking for this girls phone. & her attitude was getting nastier by the minute. I was worried she was trying to fight my Big. & not going to lie, but I was ready to throw hands, haha. BUT luckily we found her phone. We were all good. My now my thing is, "do you know hold onto your phone tight? & why do you have to be so close to us that you got hit by an elbow?" Only reason is because she was a seat away; so we all had room, smh.  haha. 

Big (Alejandra) & little (I). ♥
Based on performances. 

Chris Brown > Fabolous > O.T Genasis > Kap G > Casanova > Opener & DJ. 

Overall, it was such a nice experience and if another Chris Brown concert was to come up again, I will probably jump on it. Thank you for reading it. & If you have me on Snapchat then you didn't miss it. But if you don't have me then go ahead and add me "Liizzzeth" 

Yours Truly, 
Lizzeth Rodriguez 

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