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by - April 04, 2017

The Sprocket Instantly Print is an HP portable 2 x 3 snapshots printer
I wouldn't like to say recently, but since I've started my blog I started to take more pictures than usual & I love it. My little sister has a polaroid camera and I love it because its so small and unique but the film can be a pricy and I feel bad for using her film on useless things. Last month, my mom mentioned to me, The HP Sprocket and how it was on payments on QVC. I read into and I decided to order it for myself. So, let me tell you about it,

The HP Sprocket, Zink Photo Paper, and the case were all sold separately. When you order the Sprocket is comes with 10 Zink paper but 10 is never enough so I ordered 20 extra sheets. The Sprocket 100 are only made for IPods, IPhones, and IPads. The HP Sprocket has the following features:
- Easy photo printing from your phone.
- Print 2x3 inch color photos in seconds- anywhere.
- 10 sheets of Zink Paper included.
- Free HP Sprocket app lets you add frames/borders, emojis, and photo captions.
- It does not require ink.

Inside the box: HP Sprocket, Zink paper, charger, and instructions.

Step 1: Plug it into the computer/charging source. (The only instructions it has).

Step 2:  Download "HP Sprocket" app. (apple store).

Step 3: Load the paper into the Sprocket.

Step 4: Turn it on, push the power button located on the top left hand side.

Step 5: Connect the Bluetooth to the phone. (It might ask you upgrade/update the firmware).

Step 6: Select any picture you want. (Including from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and the Camera Roll).

Step 7: Edit the picture. *Optional* (filter, text, frames, stickers, and crop it if needed).

Step 8: Once you're done you can either save it, send it, share it, or print it.

& now you'll be able to print out your pictures.

Final Thoughts
Does Liz Recommend?: HONESTLY, if you're looking to scrap book or if you like small pictures this is for you. BUT if you want bigger pictures then no. 50/50.
Pros: You're able to edit out the pictures before printing them. Comes out in instant. Its portable.
Cons: A little bit of discoloration.  You need a phone to select pictures.  
Out of 5 Stars? 4
Last Words: They are nice for scrap booking or just to have as a memory. They're also bigger than the Polaroid Pictures. You don't have to waste money on ink. Yes the pictures are tiny pictures, but the way I look it at is that the Zink film is way cheaper than the polaroid film.
HP Sprocket: $129.96
Zink photo paper (40 sheets): $22.50

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  1. This was very helpful. I've been wanting to buy one of these insta-printers, this one seems pretty cool.