Quay Australia x Desi Perkins: SAHARA Sunnies

by - April 12, 2017

In the beginning of the month, Desi Perkins, a YouTuber,  collaborated once again with Quay Australia, a sunglass company. They came out with similar sunnies to her "High Keys," the "SAHARA," she likes to call them the cousins.  The SAHARA collection are sunglasses with three different color of lens; Black/Orange, Black/Olive, & Black/Yellow.

I fell in love with the color of lens. My favorite sunglass was the Black/Olive but unfortunately by the time it came to ordering them it was sold out. So, I went to my second favorite, Black/Orange. The SAHARA collection is sold at: Quay Australia, Nordstorm, and Urban Outfitters. They retail for $65.

Yes, they are Black and Orange, but they have a cool ombre effect to them. So it starts off with orange on top and makes its way down to yellow. I was spectacle about buying them just because I knew I liked them, but I wasn't sure if I loved them. & the second thing I was spectacle about was the lens being to bright and having no protection. It turns out that 1. I do love the glasses, they're so unique and its out of my comfort zone & 2. they actually do block the sun, more than expected. (Shown on the pictures above).  

I want to make a quick comparison between the Saharas and the Aviators. I love my Ray-Bans & honestly, I never go anywhere without them. & the fact that they are oversized is even better. But a problem I always ran into with my Ray-Bans is that every time I smile the sunglasses sit on my cheeks. AND it annoys me! Because makeup always rubs off onto the lens, smh. However, with the Sahara's they are bit bigger; which is bomb (dot) com, because that means they sit on my cheeks.  

To be completely honest, I would choose my Sahara over my Ray-Bans for four reasons.
1. They are oversized.
2. They don't sit on my cheeks.
3. They are cheaper.
4. They are unique.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy and love my new sunnies as much as I do... OH! and also my new hair, heeeeeeyyyy. 😚

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  1. I have the high keys and they're my favorite. I'm going to have to get the black and olive.

    1. good luck! tell me if you find them because I saw that they were sold out.

  2. I'm loving these sunnies, they look so good on you! I've been wanting a pair of Quay sunnies but I'm so in love with my Ray-bans. I don't think I can ever replace them with something else.

    1. Right! I know girl, I felt the same but these sunnies don't sit on my cheeks so I'm have to give it to the Quays, but I also do love my Ray-bans.

  3. Which sunglasses are bigger? The Sahara or the high keys?