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by - April 10, 2017

Spring break 2017
You already know I was leaving to Mexico, but now I'm back. I know, "Spring Break" went by fast. I visited cities, family, and friends but it all came to an end. My break was a love/hate relationship the entire time. Something always happened and I'll explain...

Tlaltenango, Zac. ||
We spent our first 4 & 1/2 days visiting my dad's small hometown. When I mean small, I mean small! I'm genuinely surprised not everyone knows each other there. We spent majority of our days with some of our families.

  • Mornings & Nights
Every morning we spent in Tlaltenango, we walked to "El Mercado." At "The Mercado" we always got our licuados (The first 2 pictures) and that's what I call a breakfast. I LOVE to drink my licuados in baggies, because it made me fit in and unique, isn't it? ANYWHO, At night time we ate dinner with my dad's cousins (3rd picture). My dad's cousin owned, a 'Licuado and Jugos' shop that is only open in the mornings and a 'Cenaduria' that opens at nights, Thursdays-Sundays. I looked forward to her smoothies and juices in the mornings & tacos for dinner!  THANK YOU YOLAND! 😊

  •  Evenings
Every afternoon, we walked around; what they call 'La Plaza.'  In the mornings and afternoons is when the plaza is usually dead. Its really nice during the day, though. You'll see families walking and eating around. During the night time, is when everyone comes out. The basic rundown of how the plaza works is like this: As soon you as you get there you start taking laps around the plaza, you'll buy junk food, and keep walking, but some eventually find a bench and sit down. BUT what you mainly do is just walk and eat. The first 2 pictures are pictures of the plaza. & The last picture is obviously Crepes! OMG, when I say these at the plaza I was EXCITED. They're somewhat similar from what they sell in California, buutttt they were way cheaper! Each Crepe were $33 pesos, which is $1.75 in US currency. Man was I so happy...I got 5 Crepes in Tlaltenango. The entire trip of course not in a day.  

  • Random activities

(1st picture): On our second day, my sister and I decided to get henna tattoos. She got 4 little birds on her wrist and I got a dead tree on my forearm (future tattoo)! I know it was random but my sister wanted one, since she's 14 and can't get a real tattoo, lol.
(2nd picture): We went to Temastian, Jalisco. Senior de los Rayos church. It was so beautiful there and around the church they sold a lots of rosarios.
(3rd picture): We also went to "Las Puentes." It was so amazing. It reminded me of Grown Ups, when they go to the pools and they have a water slide and  big pools, do you know what I'm talking about? Well yeah. Funniest part was when my mom decided to get in the water tunnel with jean shorts... she got stuck and had to push herself down the entire way, LMFAO! It was a had to be there moment, I guess?
(4th picture): Was the aftermath from 'Las Puentes.' Hella sunburned and I love it. I love to get tan and sunburnt, I don't believe in sunblock. Although, I should.

Overall, Tlaltenango was way better than expected. Why? Its a small town and there's hardly anything there. But with the things that are there was fun. We ate soooo much food, it was ridiculous. With every happy story there's a sad ending...My sad ending was f*ckin diarrhea, it was horrible. I don't think I ever had diarrhea like that. On my last night there I never left the bathroom, real talk. I would also like to believe I lost weight. Remember the scene of white chicks when she ate cheese and she ran the restroom? Well that was me!!! Horrible I know but overall it was good. & I'm sorry for over sharing.

Guadalajara, Jal. ||
We spent the remaining time in El Centro de Guadalajara. We visited 10x more things than we did in Zac. We walked soooo much, like I can't stress that enough. We didn't eat as much either, but the sun did us good and our families did too.

  • Mornings: Every morning, we would eat breakfast at either: San Juan de Dios or the buffet in our hotel. San Juan de Dios is like a "Mercado." They sell souvenirs, bags, clothes, shoes, food, and right about anything. It was packed and overwhelming. Everywhere you turned there was something. 
  • Evenings: Each day was different because we either exploring the city or visited family.
  • Nights: The night vibe is extremely dangerous, so we hardly walked far from our hotel. During night time we would walk around the stores and find somewhere to eat. We were always back in our hotel room by either 10pm-11pm. Like no joke, it was sketch.  

  • Random activities
(The first 4 pictures): We went to the zoo and we underestimated it! I think we walked more at the Zoo than any other day and it was hella hot too. We were all dead tired. But it was dad confused a monkey with a dinosaur....we still don't know how that happened, haha. We saw my sister's families, she's half monkey and half snake, haha JOKES! We also saw llamas, elephants, lions, tigers, kangaroos, polar bears, etc. I loved the Zoo  & yes, its different from SD Zoo. .
(The middle 4 pictures): We explored the city by foot and by a carriage, lol. Yeah, my dad decided that we would rent out a carriage for us and take a tour... typical tourists. But honestly, I was happy because that meant less walking. But learning more about the city was new to me to be completely honest, and I so was drawn too it. & We even saw the logo that the Chivas has on their shield!
(The 2nd & 3rd to last pictures): We went to Chapala, and I FELL in love! The art work was amazing, the people were so nice, and the views were breathtaking. Although, I didn't really take any 'view' pictures.
(Last picture): We went to a Atlas vs Cholos soccer game & I was speechless. They were both teams we really didn't go for, but the atmosphere was crazy! Since Chivas didn't play 'home' that weekend we had to settle for this intense ass game! Every time Atlas scored the fans threw beer EVERYWHERE! & how they sang their chants was so astonishing! I loved the game! It was good to be back at El Estadio Jalisco.   

Although I didn't feel as safe as I did in Zacatecas I loved every bit of Guadalajara. There was so many different vibes! Even the bus system was different there. But thank goodness, I did not get sick at all! It was perfect! I would definitely recommend the bus for transportation in Guadalajara because the traffic there was crazy!

I walked 45.5 miles my entire trip!
I had diarrhea for a day and half.
I got into an argument with my dad every day.
I got tanned!
I ate like there was no tomorrow.
I visited new places.
I saw familiar faces.
I enjoyed myself with my family. ♥

Thank you for read and I hoped you enjoyed some pictures, there's more pictures in one of my previous blog... this one(:  & I also apologize for a lengthy blog.

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  1. Licuados & Tacos for breakfast, yes please! Guadalajara looked like so much fun and those buildings are beautiful!

    1. Right? It was he best combo! Guadalajara was nice I just wish it wasn't so polluted.