La Fiesta

by - April 27, 2017

My birthday is on April 17, but since it landed on a Monday my parents' decided to throw me a party the Saturday before, April 15. My birthday part went better than expected, knowing the fact that the day after was Easter.

In this blog I will only hit key points, haha.

The main menu consisted of 7 different tostadas:
1. Ceviche
2. Tinga
3. Chicken Salad
4. Potato Salad
5. Picadillo
6. Cueritos
7. Salpicon

The sweets and munchies:
1. Candy & Chocolate
2. Chips & Cookies
3. Mini Ice Cream Sundaes
4. Elotes

The night sweets:
1. Cookies & Bread with Coffee
3. Flan
4. Jello

My closest family members and friends attended even my pledge sisters. When it comes to my family parties I always forget to take pictures for many reasons. Besides that, I had fun I ate way to much junk food and tostadas. I drank so much were I was drunk one minute and sober the next. TRUST, we're all still trying to figure out how that happened. I danced but didn't eat cake.

Family: Family is family. I see family every weekend and if they don't come they'll get disowned, haha. I will always love and appreciate my family.

Friends: My closest friends are my friends from high school. Everyone came except for one, David, that guy stays doing school work. The one I was most surprised about was Alexys. Alexys hardly comes around and the last time I saw her was Dec, 2015. So, yeah I was pretty excited and happy for all my friends to be there.

Pledge Sisters: These ladies rented out a car and drove to Riverside from SJ (6hr drive) for the party. They're wild but I love them.

Overall, I appreciate everyone that attended and I am thankful for you presence. It will be my last birthday party celebrated but that is completely fine with me. I am getting older and time is moving on. So, until a bigger event for me to celebrate...

ONLY decent photos of that night.


*I don't like tres leches cake.

Yours Truly,
Lizzeth Rodriguez

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  1. Dang who were you guys feeding? You don't like tres leches?

    1. Haha all my family and friends. & No, the only cake I like is the box cake lol

    2. As in Betty Crocker & pillsury lol