Jeffree Star Cosmetics x MannyMua

by - April 26, 2017

GIRL! Let me tell you about this amazing collab!
In mid March, YouTuber, MannyMua and Owner & founder of Jeffree Star Costmetics, Jeffree Star revealed a collaboration together. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is known for liquid lipsticks and as well as the highlights, so seeing the two best friends do a collaboration was nothing new it was just a matter of time...The collab was released on April 8th & I decided to get the bundle because the entire collection called for me...
When first receiving the bundle you'll automatically see the holographic moon crest, MannyMua's logo & Jeffree Star Cosmetics' logo. The entire box is matte back with their logos being holographic. 
First Picture: Once you open the bundle you'll see the reflective packaging, such as the lipsticks and the highlighter  and the holographic in the back of course.
Second Picture: The box contains: Left lipstick: Daddy. Highlighter: Eclipse. Right lipstick: I'm Shook.

First 2 Pictures: From left to right & up to down is 'Daddy' & 'I'm Shook.' This time it came in black, since its a special edition/a collaboration it comes in a different packaging, as usual.
3rd Picture: I'm Shook & Daddy swatched on my arm.
After swatching them I went onto the website to see the description of the lipstick colors.
I'm Shook: "...beautiful medium toned burnt coral."
Daddy: "...gorgeous cool toned brown"
In words: 'I'm Shook' is like a burnt red not a coral well at least that's how it looked on me and swatched. & 'Daddy' is pretty much a cool toned brown.

1st Picture: The packaging of the highlighter is in holographic font.
2nd Picture: How the highlighter looks & how their logos are imprinted.
The last 2 Pictures: I swatched the highlight, Eclipse!
Eclipse is described as "...blinding pale icy peach."
In my words: I would have to agree although its lighter than it looks.
Lipstick: Daddy
Highlight: Eclipse
Lipstick: I'm Shook 
Highlight: Eclipse

Final Thoughts!
I completely love the entire collection! I feel like they nailed it with the shades of lipsticks and the blinding highlighter. The only thing I wish that would be different is the highlighter! I felt that the highlight was a bit to light, but other than that its 2 thumbs up! The Bundle was $50 but its currently sold out. They did mention that the bundle will come back in May for the last time. However, you are able to purchase everything individually. The lipsticks retail for $18 each and the highlighter for $29. They do however have a code "MANNYMUA" at check out; where it takes off 10% off your purchase but only for the MannyMua collab. If you don't want the entire collection or just want one thing I would recommend: 1.Lipstick - Daddy (currently sold out). 2. Highlight - Eclipse. 3. Lipstick - I'm Shook. & Also, ordered the collab the day it was released April 8th and I received in the mail on April 15th. THEY WERE ON IT!

PS. Sorry for crappy swatches and weird selfies of me, haha.

Yours Truly,
Lizzeth Rodriguez

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  1. do you know when daddy is going to be in stock again?

    1. I actually don't & I'm not sure if they've announced it either.

  2. Oooooh I'm loving Daddy! The packaging for this collection is everything! I love the black with the holographic design. I've been wanting a JS highlighter but have yet to buy one. I feel like you give me such good insight to makeup! ❤

    1. RIGHT!? The packaging is everything! This was my first JS highlight and I'm not disappointed! Awwwh thank you that means a lot! ♥