by - March 21, 2017

I happened to be at Victoria Gardens when I came across Crepes De Paris.

The restaurant is the smallest restaurant I've seen and it's hidden! It's inside of Victoria Gardens, but the streets are Monte Ave and S. Mainstreet. The only way I was able to spot it was because of the cute little oval sign.

This is legit a Crepes Restaurant. I saw the menu and I was extremely overwhelmed. I wasn't hungry for a meal at time but I knew I wanted to give it a try. So I automatically looked at the Sweet Crepes. I first had tried crepes at San Jose and I've never really found one down here in Socal but I'm happy to say that I've came across one. This is the first all crepes restaurant I've seen/been too.

When I say its the smallest, its the smallest. There's a good four tables inside; two tables are for a family of four and the other two are for couples. They have a little outside patio (as seen above picture #2); three couple tables and that's all. After ordering they'll give you a number and you'll wait at  your table until they bring you the food.  

I ordered The Royal: Nutella, fresh strawberries, bananas, chocolate, Chantilly cream and powered sugar. The Royal costs $9.95, I thought it was a bit pricy but then I thought about where the restaurant is located and the size of the crepe. It was well plated and they were not stingy with the fillings. The crepe was loaded with strawberries and bananas. Every bite had a fruit in it, but I will say this DRINK ONLY WATER! It was extremely sweet! I had to wash it down with three water cups.

Does Liz Recommend? Yes, although it's far and pricy its good and they are known for crepes.
Pros: Good food. Fulfilling. Nice view (outside seating area).
Cons: Hard to find. Pricey. Small restaurant. Far in distance.
Out of 5 Stars? 4 stars
Last Words: When I said its hidden, its hidden. The exact address: 7876 Monet Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91739. Its on the side of JCP in Victoria Gardens. PSA: Although I tried one thing off the menu I don't guarantee all the food is good. I did look into YELP reviews and none were negative. All this is based on MY experience! Don’t be afraid and give it a try.

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  1. I love crepes, which place have you tried in San Jose. My favorite is Crepevine in Willow Glen. I haven't tried much of their sweet crepes but their savory crepes are so good and fulfilling.

  2. What, I never been to that one! I'm going to have to try when I go back up. I tried the ones at Whispers, Bobo Drinks, and Cocos. The best ones are at Whispers because they serve it with a scoop of ice cream. (: