Review: 10+ Different Peeps!

by - March 05, 2017

BACKSTORY: My favorite season is SPRING! Spring has the best weather in my opinion, its my birthday season and its also PEEPS SEASON. I love peeps! I get excited whenever, Easter comes around because that's the only time I see peeps. & Well Easter is approaching especially in Walmart (always ahead). In my Walmart they had the OGs and some new flavors that I've never tried. So, I'm here to share with you my opinions. 

There were 14 different kinds of Peeps I found of my Walmart.

The following peeps will be 2 different kinds of chicks dipped in chocolate. 
Delight Blueberry:
Retail Price: $1.98
Smell?: Only got the hit of chocolate, nothing else. 
Taste?: Once you bite into it, you get a bite of sourness. Definitely, taste like Blueberry Jolly Ranchers. 
5 Stars?: 3
Recommend?: NO!
Comments?: The after taste wasn't pleasant. It was like medicine with chocolate or sour patch dipped in chocolate. It was also a bit pricey for only THREE chicks. 
Delights Marshmallows:
Retail Price: $1.98
Smell?: Once again, it only smelled like chocolate. 
Taste?: It was a combination of the OG peeps dipped in chocolate. 
5 Stars?: 5
Recommend? GURL, YES!
Comments?: In my opinion, I think they we are one of the best combinations out there! But I would have to say they are pricey for THREE chicks.

Next, there were 4 different flavored Peeps!
Fruit Punch:
Retail Price: $1.12
Smell?: Straight off the bat it smelled like Fruit Punch soda
Taste?: I would have to say it tasted like Fruit Punch, Kool Aid.
5 Stars?: 2
Recommend? No!
Comments?: Let's just say its marshmallows dipped in Fruit Punch.

Sour Watermelon:
Retail Price: $1.12
Smell?: They smell like Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. 
Taste?: They were really sour! We would like to say they were more sour than the Sour Patch kids. 
5 Stars?: 0
Recommend? Hecks No!
Comments?: They look like a watermelon as well, they are pinkish on the inside and green on the outside, of course. 
Party Cake:
Retail Price: $1.12
Smell?: As soon as you opened them, you got the smell of either cake batter or vanilla frosting. 
Taste?: We would have to say it was a combination of the OG peeps and cake mix. 
5 Stars?: 4
Recommend?: Yes. 
Comments?: They are light blue from the outside as pictured above and a light yellow color marshmallow.
Bubble Gum:
Retail Price: $1.12
Smell?: A strong smell of Bubble Gum (point blank)!
Taste?: If you had Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum, then you know that these Peeps taste exactly like that. 
5 Stars?: 4
Recommend?: Yes.
Comments?: They're like bubble gum that is safe to swallow. 

Now the following 3 were Mysteries! So, our taste buds were probably not our best BUT these were our opinions based on the smell & taste! 

Mystery Flavor #1 of 3:
Retail Price: $1.12
Smell?: We got the smell between brown sugar or cinnamon or maple syrup.
Taste?: I wish I was kidding but they tasted like PANCAKES!
5 Stars?: 4
Recommend?: YEEEH. 
Comments?: It was difficult trying to guess the flavor but that was the best we did. 
Mystery Flavor #2 of 3:
Retail Price: $1.12
Smell?: Oranges! That was the first thing we can smell. 
Taste?: & as soon as we tasted it was correct! They tasted like sour oranges.
5 Stars?: 0
Recommend?: Hecks No!
Comments?: Probably the worst one to try!
Mystery Flavor #3 of 3:
Retail Price: $1.12
Smell?: They smelled exactly like Green Apple Jolly Ranchers.
Taste?: Same as Jolly Ranchers, Green Apple. 
5 Stars?: 0
Recommend?: Hecks No!
Comments?: No to be harsh, but that was the second worst one!

They retailed for $1.12. The reason why I didn't do the smell & taste is because they are just like the OG peeps. You can taste the sugar on the outside and the marshmallow filling. Of course, they are different than the original ones; these are decorated Easter eggs, cute! What did caught my attention is the fact that they said "always gluten free, fat free." Now I looked on the website & it says majority of peeps are glutten and fat free, but they need to be stated. Although, they were the only peeps that stated that; it can only say that they were the only healthy ones? *inserts thinking face here*

So I hope everyone knows about the OG Peeps! They are either bunnies or chicks depending which ones are available (the cost is $1.12 for each one). If you never had peeps, in MY OPINION you're missing out. They are marshmallows covered in sugar, pretty much! I mean if you don't like them then I'm sorry, BUT if you do then you know what I'm talking about. If I choose my "favorite" OG Peeps, they would have to be the Blue (my favorite color), Purple, Pink and then Yellow. Haha, they were just based on colors! 

If you read the entire blog & you were thinking "we?" Yes, WE! They were 10+ different kind of peeps. & I felt like it wasn't fair to give you just MY opinion. So,I brought in my Mother & Sister to help me taste them; so they can give me their opinion. Just to make everything fair. I also asked them what their top 3 were and they said this:

Lizbeth (sister)                               Erika (mother)                                     Me
1. Delights Marshmallow            1. Delights Marshmallow                       1. Party Cake
2. Bubble Gum                          2. Delights Blueberry Marshmallow        2. Delights Mashmallow
3. Party Cake                             3. Bubble Gum                                      3. Mystery #3

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  1. I was really considering to try like half of these, especially those fruity flavor peeps but I don't think I will anymore. 😂 I'll stick to the original. 🐣 💛

    1. haha, honestly I RECOMMEND sticking with the original ones.