Monthly Goals: March's spring cleaning

by - March 16, 2017

So every month I have goals, if you've read Reflection of 2016 & New year goals for 2017 , you know what I'm talking about. I talked about my January's Goals and my February's Goals. I'm here to only talk about one of March's Goal: Spring cleaning. I like to hoard when it comes to clothes, but then again I tend to clean my clothes out every four months I went through my entire clothes and I found some interesting pieces:
I went through and I found these 11 tops that  I've never worn before except for one. If you guys know me, know that I always complain that I never have clothes. The entire bottom picture (8 shirts) have tags on them still. The mustard top on the top left hand corner I only wore it once and that was for a picture that lasted 2 minutes. I took off the tag off of two shirts  because I WAS going to wear them but I ended up changing my mind. Do you have any shirts you never worn before?

So this is a picture of some of my shirts and skirts that I have in the same design. I know I talked about buying the same shirt design, but just in different colors in, 10 Facts About Me. Can I explain why I have the most basic skirts and shirts? I used to work at Sunglass Hut, and I always had to wear "professional clothes." Yes, I had to buy skirts because I didn't own any. So, I bought myself four skirts all in different colors, I was desperate. & as well as the five tops because like always I was never prepare for something "professional." Although these shirts are not professional, all I had to do was tuck it in and wear a cardigan, ha. Do you have any repeat clothing?

Fun Fact: Every time I have a "big" event I have to always go buy a "top." Why? I honestly have no idea, I just like to believe I have no clothes, and that is the reason why I need to shop. So, when I was going through my clothes I realized some of the shirts I've only worn once. I tried to remember when I worn them and somehow its because of a party. The funny thing about these 8 shirts is that that have all been up on Instagram. I guess you can say if I already posted on IG I wont wear it again? I mean I don't know if this theory is correct, but after realizing that I am going to start wearing these shirts more often. *eye roll* Do you have any piece of clothing that you've only worn once?

Advice to self vVv.

After cleaning and throwing away clothes, I ended up with:
Bottoms (Pjs, shorts, sweats): 20
Jeans: 9
Shorts: 10
Skirts: 6
Sweaters: 12
T-shirts: 17
Tops: 74

Have you done your spring cleaning?

Yours Truly,
Lizzeth Rodriguez

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  1. I think I need to have monthly goals! I just read your and they are very inspirational. I guess it's never too late to make some. P.S- That green top looks great on you!

    1. I think you should! Karina, Lambda Beta #9, brought it up to me last year but I didn't do it until this year. & Thank you. (: