Chisme: Where will I be in the next two months?

by - March 02, 2017

Hi Everyone,

So I want to talk about what's going to go on for the next two months. You will probably see me post less than usual in the next months, but I am here to let you guys know the breakdown. 

Month of March!
We are at the beginning of March, thankfully. The first two weeks I will be studying for my midterms. Yes, I am in school & yes, we are in midterm season (already? I know!). For the last week and a half of March, I will be out of the country. My family and I will be traveling to Guadalajara, Jalisco and Tlaltenango, Zacatecas for "Spring Break." Quoting Spring Break because technically my actual "Spring Break" is not until April. I'm only going for 10 days, & yes, I already talked to my professors about it, its taken care of. However, I am trying to get ahead of my work, so I don't fall behind. 
March = Midterms & Mexico. 

Month of April!
The month of April is as well going to be busy. So, I will be coming back April 2nd (Sunday) from Mexico. The following day I will have to go to school. So the first week of April I will try and play catch up with my classes and see if we have anything going on before we head out to Spring Break. Now, let's talk about important dates now: April 6th-16th is my actual Spring Break! April 8th, I have a family party to attend. The week of April 10th-14th I have to get everything ready for my 21st Birthday Party, which is April 15! (If you know where I live you're invited 😉). April 17th (Monday) is my actual 21st (no plans because I have class). April 20th-23rd I will be going to San Jose, Ca. April 22nd is the day of Banquet for my Sorority & that will be the day I sash my Big, (She's graduating! & Yes, I am working on the speech!) The last important date for the month of April is Diana's Baby Shower, April 29th! & That will conclude the month of April... April will be hectic with all the plans I have and balancing school. 
April = Parties! 

Month of May!
The first two weeks of May (don't know which one yet), I will be going to Las Vegas. We haven't decided which weekend to ruin, lol, either Cinco de Mayo or Mother's Day.  May 17th-21st I will be going to San Jose, Ca. I got my Big Chris Brown concert tickets as a graduation gift. So, I am really excited for that! I will be returning back to Riverside for school days (Monday & Wednesday). & May 24th-29th I will again be going to San Jose, Ca for graduations! I will be attending my Big's graduation ceremonies and parties! I know what you're thinking *just stay in San Jose for the last weeks on May* TRUST ME, If I could I would. & That will end the month of May. June will be only for Finals! 
May= Parties!

So sorry, if I do not post as often as I do now. Of course I will try my best to post, but if anything you know why. Thank you for understanding! 

Yours Truly, 
Lizzeth Rodriguez 


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  1. You have 3 really busy months coming, good lucky with everything sis! But how exciting, you'll be back in SJ! ❤❤❤

    1. Thank you! I'll be sure to visit you at work! (: