Five Broken Bones, One Dumb Girl

by - March 09, 2017

In my 10 Facts About Me blog, I've mentioned that I broke five of my bones: left leg, right arm, left arm 2x, and my left foot. Many don't know how I broke them or they only know about the most recent one. Not to worry thought, I'm here to share with you my fragile bones stories:

Left Leg:
I was five years old at the time. It was during one night that I was playing with my little cousins Jesse and Jasson. & we played the entire afternoon and night, but towards the end... Have you ever heard about the, "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed?" Well honestly, that's what happened. Jesse & I were jumping on the bed, when he decided to jump from the bed to a set of drawers. The drawer was at least a foot higher than the bed. & well I saw Jesse (cousin) jump from the bed to the drawers, so I TRIED it as well. TRIED, because I obviously failed. 😪 Yeah, I didn't make the jump so I completely crashed into the drawers. Right after my leg was hurting and I couldn't get up. My uncle carried me out to the living room and waited for my parents to get home. The next day I was taken to the doctors when I learned my foot was broken. I also remember going to Kindergarten in a wheel chair! 🌚 

Right Arm:
During a summer I was sleeping over at my grandparent's house; it was either morning or afternoon, because it was only grandma and I. Grandma was in the kitchen cooking it up, while I was in the living room. So, my grandparent's couches had a little table attached to them where the cup holders are at... Know what I'm talking about? (shown to the left)  Well picture that couch and the little plastic chair all the little kids had. (shown on the left). So I was standing on the dam chair and it became slippery. So I ended up slipping from the chair and fell on to the couch's table. & Well I cried my ass off and I told my grandmother that it felt broken. She panicked, but didn't believe me. My grandfather came home from work to help my grandmother take me back to my parents' house. & All My grandfather did was shake my hand (arm attached) up and down and said "its not broken. its not broken." THE MOST PAINFUL SHIT OF MY LIFE = how I broke my right arm.  Let me tell you, HE still laughs about it till this day, 🙄

Left Arm (First time):
I was in the fifth grade and we were playing basketball for PE. I mean that's pretty self explanatory. The entire class played basketball and we got divided into teams. At the time, I had the ball you know just running with it until a girl (I will not mentioned names) body slammed me for the DAM BALL! I fell to the ground and landed on my left arm. I got up and I immediately felt the pain . & That's how I broke my left arm. Can I just say, IT WAS A DAM PE GAME, SMFH.

Left Arm (Second time):
Months after the basketball game, Jesse (cousin) and I decided to ride our bikes to school. We were both in elementary, I was in sixth grade and he was in fourth. That morning, we rode our bikes and Jesse was in front of me. We passed through the street and we came across a side walk. I knew that I had to jump the side walk, but Jesse wasn't going fast enough so I failed. I didn't jump and felt my arm's pain. I got off the bike real quick and I told Jesse to walk with my bike because I couldn't ride it,  anymore. So we both walked our bikes to school and as soon as the bell rung I walked to the nurses office. I was perfectly fine. They called my mom to pick me up. I was perfectly fine. My mom walked through the nurse's office. I began to cry. I became a little girl. She asked "why are you crying?" I said: "because I broke my arm again and you're going to get mad!" Mom: "I'm not mad. Let's go to the doctors and get you another cast! OOOOH, but let's tell your dad" GAAAAHDAAAAAM, I cried but that's how I broke my left arm. 

Left Foot:
THE MOST RECENT! It all went down, March 2016. I had gone out to a party on a Thursday. I'm going to cut to the chase on this one. But on Thursday night I got STUPID DRUNK! I pretty much blacked out. Magz and I were walking back from the party around 3 am. I would like to believe the party was on 24th street and we lived on 10th, so we walked 14th streets. No, we didn't call an Uber because they were expensive at the time. So, we walked home. On our way home, I stepped wrong and twisted my ankle (no I didn't fall).  I made it home and went to sleep, & I didn't feel any pain. I woke up that same morning early to shower and get ready because I had a midterm. Yeah, I know I partied the night before an exam. I really just thought I sprained my ankle. I couldn't walk. It was THE most painful shit of my life x3! I called up Magz to help me walk to class & I took my exam. After I took my exam I limped to the Wellness Center, at State. That's how my drunk ass broke my fifth and praying last bone of my life!! *The pictures above were taken place last year, when I had a broken foot & I was known as La Scooter.  AND I'll have to say, this is the most embarrassing YET most unbelievable story, smh.

I hope you laughed a little and read about my fragile ass. Btw, I get made fun of by my family for breaking so many bones, ha. Its all good though. Now let's hope I don't break anymore. 

Yours Truly, 
Lizzeth Rodriguez 

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  1. I remember seeing your Snapchat. ��

  2. OMG! 5 broke bones! I sprained my ankle once pretty badly and I thought it was the most painful thing ever. Magz is MVP for being there for you. ❤

    1. Yes girl! Yes, anything that has to do with bones is painful. My sister broke her toe once and she said it was painful too. HONESTLY! She was the one that was there for me when I needed her the most. Lol, she always pushed me around and helped me with my scooter. hahaha

  3. youre so fragile!