The Arrival & Celebrating Friendships.

by - February 12, 2017

Destiny Delilah Bojorquez 

2017's Little Blessing has arrived. February 12 is your date. Your parents have been in the hospital since Friday, but you made your appearance two days later. I got a call at 6:10am by your grandma saying you weren't coming until Thursday. 20 mins later, your daddy texts me saying you were born at 6:14am. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't tear up because I did...I can only imagine how your parents and grandparents felt, although I'm only your Godmother aka Nina, boooooy was I heartfelt. I visited you as soon as I could. I was the first to hold you in my family, of course. As I was holding you I couldn't stop thinking of how adorable you look and who you look like. & I was also thinking of how long everyone waited for you to get here. I'll never forget the day I found out about you and the fact that I was gonna be your Godmother, I cried that day like a baby. Ask around. BUT  all in all you're here and healthy and that is what matters. Of course, I'm here to guide and love you. I will show you some of the ropes and tricks I've learned so far. I am excited for the future and what it holds for you. I love you little one and I hope one day you come across this. 

SHOUT OUT to my pledge sisters closest to my heart. It's February 12th and I got a little announcement. Get cute because I am arriving Thursday, no I don't know what time yet BUT what I will say is get ready for the weekend, and lets make sure none of us gets injured. WE WILL CELEBRATE! ♥ 

Happy 21st Birthday to Luis. He is the second of our group to turn 21. I want to go back into time we call 8th grade where he claims we met, I still don't recall...But we will just go with it. I only remember Senior year and we are just going to go based of that. Thank you for your friendship and all the memories from Remland's to Towne's to lunch and after school, oh and we cannot forget about our never ending pictures we have. But I have to say we had have some good memories and I know we will continue making more. Thank you for being such a sweet heart and a kind friend to me. I love you bb. Luis's Twitter &  Luis's IG

Yours Truly, 

Lizzeth Rodriguez 

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