Review: TAQUERIA 2 PORTILLOS Restaurant

by - February 28, 2017

BACKSTORY: When I get woken up early morning on the weekends, the last thing I want to eat is "Mexican food." Early mornings I like to gravitate more towards "traditional breakfast" such as: eggs, pancakes, chilaquiles, bacon, hash-browns, etc. So when my parents told me we were going to "Taqueria 2 Potrillos" I was upset because it was a place I never been to nor did I want to have that. (I was cranky when I woke up, lol).

Taqueria 2 Potrillos, Authentic Tacos!, is restaurant located in Perris, Ca. 

My first impression arriving to the restaurant was "Wow, an outside seating area? This place must get packed." I walked in and I was completely amazed of how much diversity there was in the restaurant. & No, I'm not talking about the workers. I'm talking about the customers. Thinking, *the food has to be good for this place to attract diversity* But I outta say, this place was clean and nice put together. Although, I tried going to the end of the line to order, smh haha.

When you walk in this is the first thing you see, a window and a long menu above it. & Yes you order in the front, where the long window is located. They sell right about everything there: Carnitas, menudo, birria, burritos, tortas, quesadillas, tacos, mulitas, salads, etc. I was so overwhelmed with their menu! So, I decided to get what I would usually get; which was four tacos de pollo (chicken tacos). Let me do the run down for you: Once you enter you walk straight to the window. At the window they take your order AND they make it right in front of you! Yes, exactly what I said, they make the food right there in front of you. So you're able to see what goes in your food. I dont know, but I thought that was pretty cool. 

After you order your food and receive it at the end of the window. You'll have to walk down and see all of their aguas frescas (fresh waters). & at the register they'll ask you to pay, of course.

Breakdown of our food. 

We are a family of four in case you were wondering & our total came out to be $39.70. Not going to lie but I did think it was a bit on the pricey side because for breakfast on the weekends we usually waste about $35 including tip and of course its a lot more food as well, but not going deny my tacos were amazing. 

(Lets not talk about how my plate ruins the picture).  Look here now, I've eaten so many tacos. Tacos at parties. Tacos that I make at my home. Tacos at my friends/families houses. Tacos at the taco trucks. Tacos at other restaurants. Point is that I love to eat tacos and only de pollo! (I only like white meat). BUT these tacos were amazing! I would have to say these were one of the best tacos I've ever tasted. You can taste how fresh the chicken was and the best part was that there was no fat on the chicken. A pet peeve of mine is biting into the meat's fat AND these tacos did not have any, (but many love the fat, because it gives the meat more flavor!) & I will only eat red salsa and even that was good. I asked my family how they had liked their food & they said the tacos were good and the seasoning was perfect as well & my sister said that her torta was a bit big, but its okay she finished it anyways. However, the thing that won my parents over were the cooked onions. The fresh waters reminded me of boba jugs, they were huge but delicious as well. On that note, I have to give it to my parents for bring me to this restaurant.

Final Thoughts?
Does Liz recommend? YES! The place is spacious, clean and the food was amazing!
Pros: Food options. Nice customer service. The fact that they make the food in front of you. The large drinks. Good food. 
Cons: The pricing, 
Out of 5 Stars? 4.5 
Last words: In my opinion I thought this was a well run restaurant with many food options, so you're not limited. The food was really good. Taqueria 2 Potrillos is located  the corner of 4th st & D st, so its easy to spot. The exact address is: 403 South D St, Perris CA 92570.
Don't be afraid and give it a try

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  1. I'm loving all of these restaurant reviews. You're giving me some good options to choose from next time I go down to so-cal.

    1. I do have some restaurants I recommend when you come down to Anaheim for Disneyland, I got you. (: