Review: MEZQUITAL Restaurant

by - February 19, 2017

BACKSTORY: This is all about birria. I’ve tried many places and they all taste different. My all-time favorite place is all the way in Tijuana, Mex. Yes, I would make my dad drive me down there on random weekends just to eat. However, at the beginning of February, my dad introduced me to a “new birria restaurant.” When I say ‘new’ I mean new to me. 
Mezquital Restaurant 

Mezquital, Barbacoa De Borrego Y Birria De Chivo; is a restaurant located in Fontana, Ca

My first impressions from the outside were: This is a colorful small space and somewhat hidden. & As soon as I walked in I knew I was right. It was indeed very small. There are only 6 tables and 4 individuals in each table = the restaurant holds 24 individuals. The image above is inside of the restaurant. Left image: shows their salsa/vegetable cart and above the cart the have a sign with their Party Packages and pricings. In the right image, you can see some tables as well with the menu hung up on the side of the wall. 

The first time I went was on a Friday morning around 9:30am. It was not packed but 4/6 tables were taken. When it comes to food I am a very basic girl, so I went to the most basic plate there; which is the #4. The #4 is Birria de Chivo with rice, beans, and tortillas & my dad ordered Birria soup #1. I thought the birria was dry and I kind of complain to my dad about it and he mentioned to me that he forgot to tell them to add a little soup to it. BUT other than that, I thought it was good. I thought the prices are reasonable. The picture above is our receipt and our food. The food and drinks came to be $16.20; which I dont know about you guys, but I thought that was a reasonable price.

I thought the food was good, so I had to go back. How I said I am very basic person and when I like something I dont tend to let go of it. The picture above is the receipt on the left and food on the right. I stick to what I knew so I got #4 again but this time I asked for a little soup and it was better than the first time & well my dad went a different route and got a small soup of Consome and two tacos. I recommend adding a bit of soup to the meat, so it wouldn't be as dry. There is a breakdown of our food again and it came out to be $12.96.

So once again we went back to eat there. We went on a Saturday morning around 9am and let me tell you it was packed. All six tables inside were taken & apparently on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday) the restaurant put out extra tables outside for customers. When we got there, we were lucky enough to find an empty table. My mom, sister and I each got the basic but very good #4 and my dad got the same as last time: soup of Consome and two tacos. We also got two large drinks: Horchata and Jamaica and let me tell you they are worth the money because of the flavor and size. There’s a breakdown of our food on the top left, our food is on the top right and bottom left, and our drinks on the bottom right. Our total: $33.48

Does Liz Recommend? Yes, I think the food is very flavorful and at a reasonable price.
Pros: Good food. Nice customer service. Fulfilling. Good pricing. Fast Service.
Cons: Small restaurant. Far in distance.
Out of 5 Stars? 4.5 stars
Last Words: When I said its hidden, its hidden. The exact address: 9844 Sierra Ave. Ste 2. Fontana Ca, 92335. If you know where The Fontana shopping center is at then you are good. The restaurant is next to Yogurtland and in front of King Taco. They accept cash, card, and EBT. 
Don’t be afraid and give it a try.

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  1. You made me crave Birria! Especially with those pictures. 😍 Great job on the review, very informative.

    1. Sorry but thank you. I know it's not the best but I'll get there. Thank you! 😘