I believe I have failed...

by - February 09, 2017

 Hello. Hello. Hello. (:
We are a little bit more than a week in the month of February, I know. *eye emoji* 
Well guuuuuurl, let me tell you... So you know about my monthly goals right? If not here you go. 9 days in and OH GOD! I've done so bad. First of all, how does a Wing Lover like myself says "No Wings" for a month? PEOPLE! I have no self control. I HAD to eat wings, well not had to, BUT I was craving some well-done traditional Mango Habanero wings, so you know. *guilty face* & for my second goal, which I thought I was gonna do so good...and I didn't...the "No Soda" goal, went horrible. On the very first day of the month, smh, I drank soda without noticing. & well since I know I'm not suppose to drink soda, I crave it more...Therefore I've failed. I'm mad at myself for break my goals a week in. smh. HAHA also, so I went and "explore/never been" a new place for the month. It was a Resturant. I am planning to do a review which is coming soon, but don't worry this is not yelp.You'll see soon. 😘 

Happy Belated Birthday to the pledge sister I am not close too *winky face* the biggest instigator, most down ass, worst cook, and best partner in crime Margarita aka Max-A-Mil aka Magz aka Magaweedah. I swearrr, she has a birthday that I always forget, sorry lol. She's nerdy as hell & she's single. So don't be afraid to wish her a hella belated 20th birthday through her social media. Twitter &  Instagram

BY THE WAY, I have a brand new pair of Ray-Bans...*Picture on the left* that I am SELLING. Yes, they are real...not knock offs. They're made in Italy and it comes in it's case with a brand new cloth. If you are interested or want more information, then you are more than welcome to contact me through my social media links.

Yours Truly, 

Lizzeth Rodriguez 

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