Galore Series #1: -Lipsticks

by - February 23, 2017

Welcome to "Galore Series"
Galore Series is a new series featured in my blog that will be anything that I have in "abundance of." & well to start it off, the first one is Lipsticks. Those that have read my 10 Facts About Me know that I have 52 lipsticks. & I am here to show you all of them, but also to recommend the ones that are my favorite. The ones in the red-ish font are my "to go to" and they would be the ones I recommend. I put up pictures to help you guy see them, but I do apologize for the bad quality of the pictures. I'm still learning, sorry. 

Almay: Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick
100 Pink Medium; (Satin) Purchase?
Almay, is a drugstore brand. However its not my favorite, because its to much of a buttery formula and my color choice, (Pink Medium) was not the best. What I do like though its that its hydrating. I had originally bought it at Target on sale I tried going back to find other colors, but my Target did not have it anymore. This retailed for 3.50$ at Target and 7.50$ at Walgreens.
Anastasia Beverly Hills: Liquid Lipstick Purchase?
Ashton; (Matte): $20
Dusty Rose; (Matte): $20
Heathers; (Matte): $20
Kathryn; (Matte): $20
ABH, is a high end brand. I only own four of these liquid lipsticks, but oh my they are amazing. I love the fact that they are not drying on the lips nor do they crack. They are extremely pigmented that you'll only need one coat & yes, they do last all day.  & For an everyday lip color I would recommend Ashton or Dusty Rose. 
Ciate London: Liquid Velvet
Pin Up; (Matte): $19  Purchase?
I received this lippy in my Ipsy Glam Bag*. Ciate London is a high end brand. However, the reason why I don't love it is because it is not long wearing for ME although the product is advertise as long wearing, but don't get me wrong I love the color, in fact, its one of my favorite colors that I have. *Its currently sold out.*
Baracuda; (Satin): $6 Purchase?
Beeper; (Matte): $6 Purchase?
Calypso; (Satin): $6 Purchase?
Creeper; (Matte): $6 Purchase?
Love Bug; (Matte): $6 Purchase?
Mama; (Matte): $6 Purchase?
More Better; (Matte):$6 Purchase?
My Jam; (Gloss): $6 Purchase?
Times Square; (Matte): $6 Purchase?
Viper; (Matte): $6 Purchase?
For Colourpop, I have mixed feelings. So as you can tell Baracuda, Beeper, Calypso, Times Square, My Jam and Viper are my favorite because of their formula,colors, how they wear and how long they last. For the matte lipsticks they can be a bit on the over drying side when applying. The rest I am not a huge fan of because, Love Bug & Mama are patchy! Creeper & More Better do not suit my skin tone. What I've noticed from Love Bug, Mama, Creeper, and More Better they feel like powder on the lips. For all of Colourpop matte lipsticks, I only recommend one coat! BUT, I think any Colourpop Ultra Satin Lipsticks are worth it. I want to say Colourpop is a drugstore brand all though you can only find/buy them online. 
Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Velour Liquid Lipsticks
Chrysanthemum; (Matte): $18 Purchase?
Designer Blood; (Matte): $18 Purchase?
Sagittarius; (Matte): $18 Purchase?
For Jeffree Star Cosmetics I never owned anything from the brand until recently only because of the controversy, but I separated everything and decided to give it a try. JSC is a high end brand that you can only get online. & Oh my goodness, I only own three because it was like an impulse buy at the time, but these three are from his Winter Collection. I think the formula is amazing, they dry fast, they last long and the colors are pigmented. Chrysanthemum is not my favorite because I feel like the gold glitter and the light pink does not suit my skin tone, it makes me look pale, although its a nice combination. ):
Kat Von D: Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Purchase?
Beloved; (Matte): $20
Double Dare; (Matte): $20
Mother; (Matte): $20
Project Chimps; (Matte): $20
Kat Von D is a high end brand. I love the lipsticks! The formula is by far one of the best matte lipsticks I've tried. Double Dare and Project Chimps are plain amazing, because of how soft of a color Double Dare is and how Project Chimps pops! Unfortunately, I like to believe Project Chimps was an unlimited item, meaning I don't think they sell that anymore. Beloved and Mother are such nice colors but they just didn't make they cut. They were so cracking and drying once it got applied to the lips. I like to believe it was a bad batch because I've tried different colors and they weren't drying nor did they crack. But they are very lightweight on the lips, so that's a plus.

Lime Crime: Matte Velvetines
Cashmere; (Matte): $18 Purchase?
Lime Crime is a high end brand, I think the packaging is everything, but I found this lipstick to be a bit drying on the lips where you can tell every detail. It definitely looked a little rough but I heard other peoples' opinions about how good they are; So I'm not shutting it down completely and I'm going to buy other colors.
NYX Cosmetics:
Lip Smacking Fun Lips
LSS 635; (Satin): $4 Purchase?
High Voltage Purchase?
06 Hollywood; (Soft Cream): $6
05 Flutter Kiss; (Soft Cream): $6
      Butter Lipstick
Ripe Berry; (Buttery): $6 Purchase?
NYX Cosmetics is by far my favorite affordable drug store brand. I think the Lip Smacking Fun Lips are so hydrating and pigmented and they are inexpensive as well, definitely recommend it. I did some research and it looks like High Voltage does not go by that anymore they are now own as Turnt Up! Lipsticks and they are a soft cream lipstick that does not feel sticky but are pigmented! I also received, Ripe Berry in my monthly Ipsy Glam Bag*, but its not my favorite because it was streaky and buttery.
NYX: Lingerie Purchase?
04 Ruffle Trim; (Matte): $7
06 Push-Up; (Matte): $7
08 Bedtime Flirt; (Matte): $7
12 Exotic; (Matte): $7
15 Buster; (Matte): $7
24 Cabaret Show; (Matte): $7
Its a love hate relationship with Lingerie Lipsticks because at time they can be very drying on the lips, so far they haven't cracked on me but I know people they've owned some and say that these Lngerie Lipsticks crack on their lips. Yes,they may be very drying on the lipsbut they are long lasting; I can't stress that enough.
NYX: Liquid Suede Purchase?
03 Cherry Skies; (Liquid Cream): $7
04 Soft-Spoken; (Liquid Cream): $7
07 Sandstorm;  (Liquid Cream): $7
12 Vintage; (Liquid Cream): $7
24 Club Hopper; (Liquid Cream): $7
Okay for the Liquid Suede Lipsticks, I only like Soft-Spoken and Sandstorm, they are my holy grail because of how lightweight they feel on the lip and how smooth as well. They are everyday lipsticks in my opinion. BUT Cherry Skies, Vintage, and Club Hopper are a no for me because they are so sticky. They are pigmented though, but I only recommend one coat because if you do more it becomes patchy as well!
NYX: Matte Lipstick Purchase?
02 Shocking Pink; (Matte): $6
04 Pale Pink; (Matte): $6
41 Up the Bass; (Matte): $6
These Matte Lipsticks are definitely matte on the lips; which I am a fan of but I do feel like the colors are not my cup of tea. Their pigmentation is okay, you definitely need more than two coats when applying. 
Pixi By Petra: Matteluster Lipstick
Rose Naturelle; (Satin): $12 Purchase?
I received this small lippy in one of my Ipsy Glam Bag*, Pixi By Petra is a drug store brand. I find this to be the perfect nude and the way it feels on the lips when you're applying it is amazing. I will say this though, it is advertise as long wear and it is not! It comes off, but you do end with a lip stain. Also, it has a strong flower scent.
Stila: Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick
Amore; (Matte): $24 Purchase?
Stila, is a high end brand. When I received this as a gift, I fell in loved with it. When I first saw it I thought the color was amazing. I would describe it as a plum color with some glitter to it. Unfortunately, it didn't apply well. & When applying more than one coat it got patchy and thick. But if you only one coat its streaky and hard to work with. 
Tarte Cosmetics: Tarteist Lip Paint  Purchase?
Front Row; (Matte): $20
Get it!; (Matte): $20
Tarte Cosmetics, is a high end brand. I had first purchased Front Row and I immediately fell in love with it. It was so pigmented and it was extremely light weight, it felt like nothing was on the lips and it lasted so long! So I had to get another one so I decided to purchase "Get it!" & when I had swatched it, I thought it  looked good! But after actually applying it to the lips and wearing it out it, I had to take it off. It was so drying, streaky and chalky, it was a no! Plus, it made my lips look like they were chapped and it felt like powder on the lips. 

 Too Faced 
Pink Chocolate; (La Creme): $22 Purchase?
Rebel Heart; (La Matte): $22  Purchase?
Sugar Daddy; (La Creme): $22 Purchase?
Too Faced is a high end brand. & This was actually a gift as well and I loved it, the packaging was everything. Pink Chocolate & Sugar Daddy are creme formulas. They apply so smoothly, they are pigmented, lightweight, and hydrating! But Rebel Heart was a little rough on the lips! You needed more than two coats when applying, but it is a statement color. I definitely recommend Pink Chocolate & Sugar Daddy as everyday lipsticks though.
 Urban Decay: Vice Lipstick Purchase?
Backtalk; (Comfort Matte): $17
Stark Naked; (Comfort Matte): $17
Urban Decay is a high end brand. They have 100 Vice Lipsticks and Oh My Goodness, they are so beautiful. Backtalk and Stark Naked are by far my favorite matte non liquid lipsticks that I own and they are as well everyday shades. They are matte, pigmented, and lightweight on the lips. When it comes to matte lipsticks they can be so harsh on the lips, but not these. They aren't transfer proof but they do last long. I recommend the Comfort Matte Vice Lipsticks from Urban Decay. 
Unknown Brand
Between A Hot Pink and Berry
I honestly, don't remember where I got it from, but I'm glad I only have one because its way too buttery of a formula for me. It also becomes sticky after applying it. But I do give it props for pigmentation!

Ipsy Glam Bag is a monthly subscription for only $10 each month for 5 beauty products! I personally love Ipsy because majority of the products sent to me I've never owned, so I like to see and try out new things. & If I like them I'll buy repurchase it and if I don't I at least get to say I tried it. (: 

I hope you guys enjoy. Please leave comments if you guys have any of these and how you like them & if you guys have any recommendations please let me know, I love to try out new lippies! ♥ Also, all this lipsticks are mine, I've bought them with my money or they were gifts to me from family/friends/sisters. These are all my opinions! Everything I said are from my personal experiences. But I do hope I've helped you choose your next lipstick. 😘👄

Yours Truly, 
Lizzeth Rodriguez 

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  1. I'm already loving this Galore Series! I'm the same way I don't like buttery formulas. You officially convinced me to try NYX, you have so many and you seem to love them all! I eventually want to try the $$$ ABH and Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks too.

    1. I do recommend NYX because they're inexpensive and really affordable. How I said The Lingerie ones can be very drying so take that in mine but they're pigmented. I recommend Soft-Spoken & Sandstorm! If anything Valley Fair in San Jose has a NYX store if you want to go in and swatch them. (: Yes, ABH is good well at least the four I have lol. & For JSC I want to try his nudes like Celebrity Skin & Androgyny. & Thank you! ((: