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by - February 27, 2017

Hi Everyone,

So, I have officially been blogging for a little bit over two months and its been going well. However, family and friends have been asking me the following questions, (you'll read below).  & Well, I sometimes find it hard to explain or they just look at me like *you're wasting your time* type of look/stare, if that makes sense? Well anyways, I am here to answer your questions: 

  • "Why did you start a blog?"
The "why" part was always hard for me to explain at the beginning, but I realized that I was overthinking it. I started my blog because I honestly had nothing else better to do on December 17, 2016. I remember coming back from work tired and talking to my roommate at the time of starting a blog, just because. She told me to go for it, because I had nothing to loose. Why? Because in the summer I went through a rough time & to take things off my mind I had made a new Instagram (that is now deleted) and started posting random pictures. So, after going through random blog pages I stubble upon "Blogger" & well that night I made and posted my first blog, A Goodbye, but forever in my heart. 😄

  • "What's the purpose of your blog?"
At the beginning of my blog, I will admit I did not have a purpose. Everything I do, I do for fun. I still do, actually. But "the purpose" of my blog is to write about my experience and inform others about some lifestyle things that I've come across, food (lots of it), random reviews of new places, and updates about my life. The reason why I put "quotation marks" is because although my blog does have a meaning behind it, I still do it for fun. But then again, you never know...one day I can just stop blogging. 

  • Why do you post about ____?"
I post about anything and everything at the same time. Everything I come across that in a way is "new" to me, I'll post or any random things I like to share that people may not know. I like to inform and give my opinion (everyone knows that). 😗

  • "What's going to be your next post?"
LOL, I have no idea honestly. I post whatever comes to mind. Why? Because I lack creativity, haha. So, if I think/come up with something then I'll most likely post it. Some are currently up in the works, though. (:

  • "Every when do you post?"
That's is honestly a good question, I usually like to post on Thursdays and sometimes Sundays, but in reality I post whenever I am finished with a blog. You guys might think that its not hard, but this is low key difficult. It's time consuming. Thinking, if a blog is worthy to post or not always comes to mind. BUT writing and posting on the same day is such a good feeling.

  • "Are you planning to expand?"

Lol expand what? So recently I've been asked if I have a YouTube channel. I don't! & I don't plan on having one at the moment or anytime soon or even at all. I am a very shy person and for people to ask me that, amazes me. How I said I do this for fun, but I wouldn't miss an opportunity in the future, if that makes sense?

Your questions are now answered, if you have any more just go ahead and ask. I'll share right about everything. & down here below are some of the saved Instagram pictures I had posted.

Yours Truly,
Lizzeth Rodriguez

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  1. I think the Why? part will always be hard to explain or difficult for people to understand. Personally, I love expressing myself online but instagram and twitter wasn't giving me enough space to be creative and that's why I started blogging. I completely stopped using IG to focus on my blog but now for "expanding purposes" I feel I need to go back on IG. The struggle! But if this helps you, I've been blogging for a year and I still don't have set schedule when I post. Ideas really come to you randomly I suggest carrying a pen and notebook and write them down. You're doing a great job sis, keep it going!

    1. Girl, you are creative! I LOVE your blog, its so nice put together and reading your posts are even better! Lol, that can explain why I'm still on request. Wow, that actually surprises me because I thought you had a set schedule. & I will start writing ideas down, because I usually don't lol. But THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreciate your input! ♥♥♥

    2. Awww thank you! Oh you might wanna check your spam for that email for the request. I don't know why it goes to spam, I noticed when my boyfriend subscribed and he told me it went to his spam to approve it. ♥