New year, new mindset

by - January 01, 2017

Welcome family, friends, and acquaintances,

Happy New Year

2017, I will regrow! I won’t let things slide so easily. I know what I am capable of and what my worth is, so don't try me. The only two things I fear is missing an amazing opportunity and letting myself fall as low as I did in 2016. I will regrow! 2017, is the year of EXCITEMENT.  What I am excited for the upcoming year is our Little 2017’s blessing, my future Goddaughter, Destiny. My family’s Mexico trip in March/April. My 21st Birthday in April along with a little Vegas trip. Excited for my Big’s graduation. Excited to start planning my sister’s Quinceañera. Excited for Andres’ wedding. Excited for Diana’s little blessing. Excited to see my family/friends grow as individuals. Excited to see what the future/year has in hold for me.
This is the year of: growth, traveling, love, happiness, and blessings.

With that being said, Happy New Year Loves. Wishing your year is filled with love, joy, and blessings.

Yours Truly, 

Lizzeth Rodriguez 

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