Maturing & Making Moves

by - January 11, 2017

This is it, the beginning to new chapters. We are only almost 2 weeks in and things are changing. *not surprised*

 To start off, my little 14 year old sister, started using makeup. 👀 I knew the day would, but I didn't think it would come this fast. ONLY because she's my little sister, she NEEDS to be little & she'll always be my little sister. She started ranting how I always buy makeup, then she confessed she wanted to start wearing makeup; which is fine that she came to us first instead of going behind our backs and start
using it on her own and look like a clown. This past Friday, we went to Sephora to get her color matched. Thankfully, we found the right foundation that she now uses  *not everyday* and loves along with her first lipstick. We had to start off small, she can't go all crazy on us.....YET! Little by little, she'll learn.

Secondly, Today is Andres' 21st Birthday. He is the first in our group to turn 21. Our group contains of  7 wonderful people who hold a very special place in heart, *you'll learn all about them soon* But I want to take it back to 2011, in Alexys' Quince... my pawwwrtner and cookie & to where our friendship was established. Thank you for your friendship & I hope you had an amazing day today. I also want to take the time to Congratulate You & Sara for the billionth time, haha, on your engagement. I wish you guys nothing but the best on your guys' future! 

Last one for the week, Your girl *ME* got new glasses. Not just any glasses, prescription glasses. *inserts picture to the left* Sorry, I didn't save it without a caption....annoying right? *eye roll* Well, I always had to wear glasses, but I just don't like them. I love glasses on other people, but just not on me! I always said they were a "Fashion Statement." However, this time the Optometrist said, I had to use them 24/7. Apparently, they are for driving and, farsighted and nearsighted... I guess you can say my eye vision is lacking... BUT don't worry I'm making moves this year. 💋

Yours Truly,

Lizzeth Rodriguez 

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