Chisme: Where have I been? & I need new friends?

by - January 25, 2017

Haaaaaaaaiiiiiii, quick little life update! I missed last weeks blog, because I didn't have an ideas. *I'm not creative, fyi* 

Now, I'm trying to make last weeks since it got a bit crazy. Ever since I got my period I've been hella emotional, yeah I said it... I don't care! My emotional butt, had to study for an exam; which I don't want to talk about. I also been working on my resume, because my funds are running low. *inserts crying face emoji* & to top it off I have to wake up a extra early tomorrow because I have to register for Spring Semester. It may not seem like a lot, but sometimes I like be dramatic, *eye roll* 
So let me be. 

If you guys didn't know I have Monthly Goals that I had set at the very beginning of the year; so let's see how I did for this month...

Month of January Goals: 
-Write your thoughts/fears/updates/anything of how the year 2017 will be. 
-Become an early riser. 
-Explore a new place
  • My first goal, was successful. My first blog of the year was about a New year, new mindset; where I talked about my thoughts/fears/updates here
  • Second goal, has been successful. Back in San Jose I used to wake up between 10am-1pm. I know its such a huge gap, but honestly I had the worst sleeping schedule of my life!! Now I wake up anytime between 7:30am-8:30am, & yes I know that may not be early for many of you guys, but to me....BOY is it early!
  • So far I have not explore a new place but I still have 6 days left in the month, So give me a break. 

Also this week... Happy Belated Birthday to My P.mommy Nancy! Belated not because I didn't know her birthday, which I do January 23rd. Belated because of the blog. Also, she turned 23 on the 23rd. *winky face* She is also super friendly *smirky face* , hilarious, and probably the worst driver ever! So don't be afraid to wish her a Happy Belated Birthday and to follow her on social media. ♥

Lastly for tonight, I am currently looking for friends, *eye emoji* Not saying that I don't have any because I do... I'm just looking for people that are down for anything really, lol. This year I'm trying to go to concerts/raves, sport events, hiking/camping, road trips, and things like that but my friends don't have time or they don't like specific things, lol. But if you're willing to go get dinner or anything really, hit me up. *sad life*

Yours Truly, 

Lizzeth Rodriguez 

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