Reflection of 2016 & New goals for 2017

by - December 31, 2016

Christmas 2016
2016, had a lot of ups and downs but its now done. A new year comes with new goals/accomplishments and new attitude.With Christmas out the way, which I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, and the New Year coming up I've came up with some "Goals" for each month to achieve.  I got this idea from a sister last year, but I never got around to it. However in the past year, I learned 3 big things:
 1. Always separate Personal and Business. 
2. Never waste too much time on something/someone who does not value you. 
3. No matter what happens it is going to be okay.

Monthly Goals:
-Once a month explore a new place.
January: -Write your thoughts/fears/updates/anything of how the year 2017 will be.     -Become an early riser.
February:  -No Wings.     -No Soda. 
March: -Spring Clean.     -Stay off line for a week.
April: -Birthday Month, no goals. *Treat yourself*
May: -Get a job.     -Pay off at least 1 credit card. 
June: -Be more confident.     -No more purchasing shoes.
July: - Read more.     -A "Me" day.
August: -Meal prep for a week.     -Write a poem.
September: -Go Skydiving.     -Pay off my 2nd credit card. 
October: -Go to Disneyland.     -Unnecessary Spending.
November: -Start Christmas Shopping.     -Pick up a new hobby.
December: -No more buy lipsticks .     -Reflect on the year...January. 

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