A Goodbye, but forever in my heart.

by - December 18, 2016

Dear pledge sisters of mine, 
We've created many memories together...we've cried, laughed, cussed at each other to a point where some of us stopped talking to each other for a cool minute. I see you Angie. However our time together was by far some of the greatest memories of my time here at State. I'm leaving. I'm leaving in good terms with every single one of you guys. Thank you. Thank you for all the advice, help, and moments together. I will forever hold each and one of you guys in my heart. Since day one, I knew we had something. My favorite bELLAs. Forever in my heart no matter the distance. 
Once a Sigma, always a Sigma......YOU KNOW!
-Lizzeth Rodriguez LZ#3

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  1. You're a 3, me too! I feel like I knew that but maybe I just forgot.